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Cross realm mythic raiding is something that usually opens up after the completion of Hall of Fame, but with the addition of cross faction raiding this seems to be coming earlier than expected! If you’re a raider who’s cleared the raid on heroic difficulty, and you’re looking for more, this may allow you to band together with other players via the group finder to test your skills on mythic difficulty – without being limited to your server alone.

So, if you’ve been looking for a new challenge, look no further! Full details and commentary on cross realm mythic raiding can be found in the original post below!

Kaivax – (Source)

With the weekly reset in each region the week of February 14, we will enable cross-realm groups in Mythic difficulty Vault of the Incarnates.

This represents a shift in philosophy that has evolved over the last few raid tiers, where we’ve seen the pace at which the Hall of Fame filled up for both factions become unaligned with the timing that we would have chosen for players at large.

We will still maintain a Hall of Fame for this and future raids. To qualify for it in cross-realm groups, you must simply have at least 16 players from the same guild taking part in the raid.

With future raids, we’re looking into a more-scheduled approach for when cross-realm Mythic difficulty becomes available. We want to keep our options open for the timing to vary, since we yet don’t know the circumstances we might observe in the future, but we intend to provide further announcements like this one to give players time to reorganize.

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Hi, my name is Metasaber, but I often go by Meta in-game. I have been playing WoW on and off for over a decade. Upon my return to Shadowlands, I became increasingly interested in Raiding and Mythic+. I have mained Ret Paladin for the majority of the expansion, but have started to explore other classes/specs to play in M+ the past couple of seasons. My recent hobbies outside of WoW are exploring new games for the GameCube and Hiking!

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