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Blizzard has shared a roundup of their official forum posts for the week, continuing what has been a fairly quiet week for WoW news. There are only two topics included for Dragonflight this week alongside a note about arena points in Wrath Classic.

There was some concern that the Zaqali Elders world boss may not be dropping loot, but Blizzard posted assurance that the loot is merely not showing up in chat logs.

The next big Dragonflight update hit the PTR this week. Fractures in Time brings a new mega-dungeon, Dawn of the Infinite, as well as some class tuning changes.

Blizzard – (Source)

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  • Loot from the Zaqali Elders: The loot from this world boss encounter appears to be dropping as expected; however, it doesn’t show in the chat logs due to how the loot is distributed in an encounter with multiple NPCs.
  • Latest Fractures in Time Update: On Wednesday, the latest PTR update was released for Dragonflight Fractures in Time. This update includes the new Mega-Dungeon: Dawn of the Infinite and class tuning changes.
  • Arena Points Fixed: After investigating, a fix was deployed so players affected by this issue could log in to get their missing Arena Points.

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