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With the release of patch 9.2, we finally have the long-awaited Character Transfer Bundles. Instead of having to spend $25 for each character transfer, players now have several options:

  • 1 Character Transfer for $25
  • 3 Character Transfers for $50
  • 6 Character Transfers for $80

These bundles work just like several independent Character Transfers would: each character can be transferred to any realm individually. For example, if you purchase the 3 Character Transfers bundle, you will be able to transfer 3 characters to 3 different realms. While these transfers still remain expensive, players willing to transfer many characters at once can do so for much less. Prior to this, transferring 6 characters would cost $150, which was almost double compared to the new $80 price tag.

For players willing to faction swap however, the faction change option is not part of this bundle. So while you might save some money on the transfers, the faction change will still cost you an additional $30 per character.

With the release of this new paid service for World of Warcraft, comes a limited time sale on character transfer services. From now until March 8, you’ll be able to transfer your characters for an even smaller price:

  • 1 Character Transfer for $17.50
  • 3 Character Transfers for $35
  • 8 Character Transfers for $80

To purchase a character transfer, head to the shop, or open the Shop menu directly in World of Warcraft. These bundles are not available for classic versions of the game.

Blizzard Entertainment – (Source)

Join new friends or old on their latest adventures in Azeroth when you transfer your character or characters with the Paid Character Transfer Service. You’ll now be able to purchase multiple character transfers* at a discount to use all at once or as you need them.

Available Paid Character Transfer Options:

  • 1 for $25.00
  • 3 for $50.00
  • 6 for $80.00


For a limited time** save an additional 30% when you purchase 1 character transfer or 3-character transfers. During this sale, the regular 6 Character Transfer bundle will be replaced with an 8-character transfer bundle option at the same price as the normal 6-character transfer of $80.00. That’s two extra Paid Character Transfers for the regular price of a 6-character bundle. Once the sale is over, this bundle will revert to the regular 6-character transfer bundle.

  • 6 8 for $80.00

How it Works:

Once you’ve purchased your Character Transfers within the shop or the in-game shop, a new icon will appear on your character selection screen showing how many available Character Transfers are available to use. You’ll then be able to activate a transfer by clicking on the token then selecting the character you wish to move and the destination you wish to move them to. Any unused transfers will remain on your account for when you choose to use them at a future time.

To learn more about the Paid Character Transfer service and its restrictions, visit our support page.

Ready to make your move? Purchase Paid Character Transfers from the shop or by launching World of Warcraft and clicking on the Shop button on the character select screen.



*Only available for modern World of Warcraft. Characters cannot be transferred between World of Warcraft® and WoW® Classic games.
** Sale ends, March 8, 2022

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