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It is finally time for Blizzard’s new mobile game! Hype had been very high since rumours of Blizzard working on a new Warcraft mobile game first started circulating, and we are pleased to say that Blizzard has certainly delivered with their new entry in the Warcraft universe: Warcraft Arclight Rumble!

The announcement trailer described Arclight Rumble as a “mobile strategy fast-paced hero & villain collector”, that was “inspired by tower defense, but more of [Blizzard’s] style to do tower offense”. It will have “a vast PvE campaign, dungeons and raids and PvP and co-op and everything you’d expect of a Warcraft game.”

The game appears to be very similar to typical tower defense type games, with a focus on assaulting enemies instead of defending your base. There are 2 types of collectible characters, for those familiar with the “hero collector” genre: Leaders, who are lore-significant Warcraft characters, like Jaina and Maiev and Minis, who are regular characters from the Warcraft universe, like banshees and murlocs. The game will feature 5 different factions: the Alliance, the Horde, Beasts (featuring Hogger!), the Blackrock orcs and the Undead.

There is no official release date for Arclight Rumble yet, but players interested in the game can get more info on its official website. In the meanwhile, check out some of the cool in-game screenshots offered by Blizzard!

What are your thoughts on Warcraft Arclight Rumble? Is it something you would be interested in playing, did the trailer make you feel like trying it out? Let us know in the comments below!

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