How To Upgrade Covenant Armor In Shadowlands

Those iLvl 155 armor items you got from your Covenant campaign might have quickly been overshadowed by other drops, but did you know they can be upgraded all the way to ilvl 197? A quick trip to your Covenant’s NPC can make those Covenant armor sets useful, especially if you’re struggling to get higher level drops at Castle Nathria or in Mythic+.

In order to earn Covenant armor, you’ll need to progress your Covenant questline. As you complete Chapters of your Covenant storyline, you’ll earn different Covenant armor pieces. Note that some Covenant questlines start rewarding armor pieces as early as the end of Chapter 1, while other Covenants won’t grant you armor rewards until later in the questline.

Where to Upgrade Covenant Armor

To make your Covenant armor useful, you have two options on where to head: You can go to the general upgrade NPC in Oribos, Agressor Zo’dash, or you can head to your Covenant Sanctum. The Covenant upgrade NPCs are:

  • Name: Forgehand Phillo
  • Location: Elysian Hold, Bastion
  • Coordinates: 66.6, 15.0
Covenant Armor Upgrades Kyrian Forgehand Phillo Location
Forgehand Phillo Location
  • Name: Goreguts
  • Location: Seat of the Primus, Maldraxxus
  • Coordinates: 56.25, 48
Covenant Armor Upgrades Necrolord Goreguts Location
Goreguts Location
  • Name: Craftmaster Lamda
  • Location: Heart of the Forest, Ardenweald
  • Coordinates: 46.6, 56.2
Covenant Armor Upgrades Night Fae Craftmaster Lamda Location
Craftmaster Lamda Location
  • Name: Guy Yearmo
  • Location: Sinfall, Revendreth
  • Coordinates: 72.6, 24.4
Covenant Armor Upgrades Venthyr Guy Yearmo Location
Guy Yearmo Location

How to Upgrade Covenant Armor

There are 7 possible ranks for Covenant armor, and the Covenant armor you receive will start at different ranks, depending on how far into the campaign you unlock it. Rewards from later Chapters will start at higher ranks.

To unlock the ability to upgrade your Covenant gear, you’ll need to complete Chapters in your Covenant quest, which means you’ll need to be earning Renown in order to unlock those chapters. Also note that upgrading Covenant gear costs Reservoir Anima Anima.

The costs and requirements to upgrade Covenant gear are:

  • Rank 2 (iLvl 164) requires completing Chapter 4 (Renown 8), and costs 50 Reservoir AnimaAnima.
  • Rank 3 (iLvl 171) requires completing Chapter 5 (Renown 11), and costs 100 Reservoir AnimaAnima.
  • Rank 4 (iLvl 177) requires completing Chapter 6 (Renown 13), and costs 150 Reservoir AnimaAnima.
  • Rank 5 (iLvl 184) requires completing Chapter 7 (Renown 17), and costs 200 Reservoir AnimaAnima.
  • Rank 6 (iLvl 190) requires completing Chapter 8 (Renown 20), and costs 250 Reservoir AnimaAnima.
  • Rank 7 (iLvl 197) requires completing Chapter 9 (Renown 22), and costs 300 Reservoir AnimaAnima.

What to Do if You Sold or Disenchanted Your Covenant Armor

If you didn’t know you could upgrade your Covenant gear, and decided to sell or disenchant it, don’t worry! You can always go to the your Covenant Amor NPC (who stands right next to the Covenant upgrade NPC) and rebuy any items you’ve already earned. Note that replacing items costs 100 Reservoir AnimaAnima.

You can’t buy items you haven’t yet earned via your Covenant questline, and any items you earned in Chapters 1-5 will start at iLevel 155. Items earned in Chapters 6-8 will start at iLvl 184 or iLvl 190, depending on which Chapter you earned it from.

The NPCs you can go to for replacing lost Covenant armor are:

  • Kyrian: Forgelite Neptira
  • Necrolord: Slayer Araya
  • Night Fae: Mar’lan
  • Venthyr: Gregor the Pallidblade

You should now be all set to earn and upgrade your Covenant armor! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions, or if you think we missed anything.


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