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WoW Classic Patch 1.14.4 Known Issues List - Updated 09/20/23

Sep 21, 2023


The known issues post above was just updated with two new issues relating to Ouro in the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. We wanted to highlight specifically here to raise awareness of these issues for groups on Hardcore realms attempting this boss. One of these bugs has a very high liklihood to cause a raid wipe.

  • Ouro may sometimes fail to re-engage the raid after a wipe.
  • Ouro may spawn an additional copy of himself after coming out of a submerge phase.
    • Developer’s Note: We strongly advise not attempting Ouro on hardcore realms until this is resolved as this is likely a guaranteed wipe if this occurs. We hope to be able to identify a fix for this very soon.

Aug 28, 2023

Added to the OP list:

  • Celebras the Cursed does not spawn Celebras the Redeemed upon death.
  • (Hardcore) Guild death announcements may not show the correct level.
  • Mind-controlled enemies don’t have the correct pet bar.

Aug 22, 2023


Welcome to World of Warcraft Classic Era patch 1.14.4! We have a few known issues below that we felt were important to share due to their impact and visibility. Please try to avoid posting about the issues below as they are considered “known” and we do not need any more information about them.

We hope to have fixes for some or all of these bugs in place soon, but please note that due to the nature of some bugs, a fix may take some time or may need to be deferred to a future patch.

We’ll keep this list updated in the coming days and weeks, and remove issues when they have been resolved.

Thank you!

Known Issues

  • Tauren melee reach is currently being incorrectly normalized to match other races and is slightly too short.
  • When a Rogue with the Improved Sap talent uses Sap on an enemy player, that player is incorrectly placed into combat.
  • World Buffs may occasionally fail to propagate across layers in certain scenarios.
  • The Tailoring trainer Xizk Goodstitch in Booty Bay does not properly offer tailoring training.
  • There is an incorrect option enabled in the options menu to enable and disable Auto-Attack and Auto-Shot when in melee range.
    • Developer’s Note: We have a fix in internal testing now and we hope to have it deployed within the next few days.
  • Joining a group chat via an in-game channel invite link will cause the chat group to appear empty until a /reload is done or the player logs out of the game and back in.
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