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Season of Mastery Transfers are Now Available

Oct 18, 2022

Starting today, October 18, Season of Mastery players are now offered free transfers for their characters to either a Classic Era realm or a Wrath Classic realm. In this region, the available choices are:

From Season of Mastery Realm To Wrath Classic Realm OR to Classic Era Realm Realm Type
Jom Gabbar Eranikus Whitemane PvP
Nightfall Eranikus Whitemane PvP
Mutanus Eranikus Whitemane PvP
Barman Shanker Eranikus Whitemane PvP
Swamp of Sorrows Yojamba Whitemane PvP
Lionheart Remulos Mankrik Normal
Shadowstrike Atiesh Mankrik Normal
Obsidian Edge Atiesh Mankrik Normal

Please exercise utmost caution when selecting your transfer destination. You are selecting either Classic Era or Wrath Classic.

Your chosen transfer is one-way, irreversible, and final.

At this time, we have a bug preventing some transfers to a PvP realm where you already have a character of the opposite faction. We intend to fix this as soon as possible.

Reminder: It is not possible for Blizzard Customer Support to modify your selection once you have initiated the transfer.

Season of Mastery realms will be permanently closed on a later date, which is to-be-announced later. Please note that when Season of Mastery realms close, all player-characters that have not been transferred will become inaccessible forever.

Thank you!

Oct 19, 2022

We have disabled all transfer selections, so that we can troubleshoot and fix an unexpected bug.

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