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Fix hunter autoshot to melee bug

Aug 13, 2022


I wanted follow up on this and put a bit of a pin in it and confirm that this is not a bug. The current behavior and interactions between auto shot and melee swing timers is intended and correctly matches 3.3.5.

Intended Wrath behavior:

  • Performing a melee attack resets your ranged swing timer.
  • Performing an Auto Shot resets your melee swing timer.
  • Arcane Shot and other abilities are NOT affected. Casting Arcane Shot without doing an Auto Shot does not reset your melee swing timer.

This is also one of those situations where we don’t have to even guess at intent, as this all traces directly back to a task we have in our task database entered in July 2008 by one of our designers that was specifically targeted at ending this interaction.

Thanks to everyone for the discussion and reports around this.

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