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Raid Testing is Now Open - 21 July

Jul 21, 2022

The Naxxramas, Eye of Eternity, and Obsidian Sanctum raids are now open for initial testing.

To support testing, we’ve enabled the creation of level-80 “template” characters. Additionally, the glyph vendors in Dalaran are now “supplies” vendors, and they sell gems, enchants, consumables, and PvP gear.

We have some notes about the condition of several aspects of the test environment at this time.

  • Due to a bug, the printed Raid Reset time in the chat log and /raidinfo is incorrect.
  • Several raid-related achievements are not activated properly.
  • If you leave a group while inside of an instance, you will receive an interface error.
  • Kel’thuzad currently summons the incorrect number of Guardian of Icecrown adds.
  • The audio and text dialogue between the Lich King and Kel’thzad in Naxxramas are mismatched.
  • Some trash spawns in 25 player and 10 player Naxxramas are distributed differently than you might expect.
    • The total amount of trash is correct. Some trash packs were removed over the course of several patches. We currently have the patch 3.3.5 levels of trash mob spawns overall. Please let us know if you have thoughts on this.
  • The Red Drake Vehicles and Malygos himself will animate incorrectly during the air phase of the Malygos encounter.

One more note:

Earlier today when we first released them, Warrior templates were missing Sunder Armor. This has been fixed, however, you may have to create a new Warrior to have Sunder Armor for raid testing.

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