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Karazhan and Raid Test Realm to Stay Up for 24 Hours

Apr 14, 2021

After we experienced and fixed some issues early in today’s test, we’ve decided to leave Badge of Justice, the raid testing realm, up overnight until our next raid testing period tomorrow. Karazhan should remain open and available for testing until 23:00 CEST tomorrow (April 14).

Here’s an update on what testers will find on Badge of Justice.

  • All class templates should now have relevant gear for each spec. While some of this gear is not perfectly optimized, we intend to test with gear that a relatively new level 70 player should be able to obtain before venturing into Karazhan.
  • Flaskataur is present, and:
    • Sells reagents, consumables, and some specific gear items.
    • Teaches professions.
    • Grants Outland reputations which you can use to additionally obtain and test reputation items from reputation vendors all around Outland.
  • Mrs. Flaskataur is present and:
    • Sells gems and enchants.
  • Nexus Lord Donjon Rade Jr. is present and provides teleports to Karazhan. Other raids will be available when their raid testing periods begin.
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