WoW Classic Demo bugs update & fixes
  • Author: Furious
  • Date: March 2, 2019
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

The WoW Classic demo was a flash of nostalgia from many, returning players to the infamous zone of The Barrens. While the demo did capture that feeling, the demo was far from perfect and in fact had several bugs that users reported.

Some of these bugs were in fact unintentional and have since been fixed. These bug fixes targeted fixes to rogue energy regeneration, health regeneration, and the critical hit multiplier of spells.

However, not all of the eccentricities that users encountered were actually bugs. Some of these situations revolved around something that wouldn’t be found in Retail WoW, but were actually used during the days of Vanilla.

One of these such situations involves warlock demon summoning. In Retail WoW, your demon will stay by your side until the cast to summon your new demon finishes. In the demo, warlock’s demons immediately disappeared upon casting a new summon demon spell, which accurately reflects how it worked during Vanilla. Kaivax posted how they verified this in the official forums.

Another situation involved kobolds and their ability to outrun players when at low health and fleeing from a fight. This is also how it worked in Vanilla and there are no plans to “fix” the issue as it accurately represents the gameplay of Vanilla WoW.

Actual bugs that were found in the demo have been fixed, so the WoW Classic team isn’t developing a game rife with issues. The development team mentions that they’re primarily focusing on the gameplay aspect, wanting the game to play exactly as it did during Vanilla.

They’ll do this by carefully paying attention to combat, content, and the core systems of the game. This is great news for older players that miss the unique gameplay of Vanilla. Retail WoW is quite different, and combat mechanics have been fine tuned to improve the experience. This hasn’t always been the case, so hearing that the WoW: Classic team is dedicated to matching the gameplay experience of Vanilla is great for those that enjoyed the PVP aspects of Vanilla.


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