reviewing the lfg tool in wow classic som
  • Author: Kurathis
  • Date: October 24, 2021
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

With the return of the Season of Mastery’s Beta, Blizzard has implemented several adjustments to the game, particularly focused on boosting, farming, and raiding. However, one change that wasn’t touched on much was the implementation of the LFG tool.

The functionality of the LFG tool mirrors what players find in TBC Classic. Players can advertise their interest in up to three particular dungeons, and can add any details they feel necessary to include. Other players using the tool can see them and privately message them. It also allows players to see other players currently looking for groups for any dungeon in their level range. 

The implementation of the LFG tool comes after Blizzard decided to add restrictions to the Classic API in 2019, effectively limiting the ClassicLFG addon’s capabilities. Bornakk noted that the nature of ClassicLFG was not compatible with their social design for Classic, and that they don’t want players using tools that create social networks outside of Unsurprisingly, many players chose to voice their opinions as a result of this change (and the subsequent introduction of SoM’s LFG tool).

Some players were indifferent to the announcement of these changes, while others expressed their distaste on the World of Warcraft forums claiming, “nobody will use it” and that “it’s broken.” Many players on Reddit felt that the LFG Group Bulletin Board addon that players have been using in TBC Classic is more effective than Blizzard’s LFG tool, allowing players to find groups more easily without having to navigate between window tabs –  especially when a player is attempting to find a group for multiple dungeons.

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