Blizzard Updates The Not A Bug List
  • Author: OrinDac
  • Date: September 27, 2019
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

Quality Assurance Lead, Aggrend, posted some additional updates to the Not a Bug list on the official WoW Classic forums.

The updates cover clarifications on offhand attacks, Eternal Quintessence, stuns, and much more.

It’s always interesting to see the list updates because of the divergence between what Vanilla WoW was actually like and how players remember it (or how private servers had it).

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I’ve just made an update to the original post with the following additions:

  • Offhand attacks that occur while on-next-hit abilities such as Heroic Strike are queued do not suffer the dual wield to-hit penalty.
  • Eternal Quintessence is not yet available to players and will arrive in a future phase.
  • Stuns from procs such as Improved Revenge and Improved Concussive Shot do not diminish and are not diminished by Controlled Stun abilities such as Hammer of Justice and Kidney Shot.
  • Various Plans and Recipes from the Thorium Brotherhood are not available until later phases.
  • Practice Dummies in the Undercity cannot be attacked. There are no “Training Dummies” in WoW Classic.
  • Overpower procs will be lost if the Warrior changes targets away from the target that dodged.
  • The Eye of Shadow has a higher drop rate than many players expect.
    • Note: This was changed late in Original WoW to have a much higher drop rate.
  • The objective of the quest “Touch of Zanzil” will fail if the player is not targeting Doc Mixilpizil when they /lay command is used.
  • A summoned Infernal that is no longer under the control of the Warlock will only affect PvP flagged targets and targets that are on its threat table and will quickly despawn when no viable targets are available.

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