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  • Author: Zephan
  • Date: November 11, 2021
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

Kaivax from the Community Management Team posted that in the 1.14 build of WoW Classic auto-dismount will be implemented.

This feature was originally only added in The Burning Crusade expansion. A lot of people used add-ons to have access to this feature in WoW Classic. This will now no longer be needed.

Those that don’t want this can opt-out of this feature.

Kaivax – (Source)

In version 1.14 of WoW Classic, we intentionally implemented the automatic-dismount when casting a spell or interacting with an object, as a quality of life improvement.

For the time being, if you’d like to disable this, it is possible to do so via CVar commands.

The commands look like this –

/script C_CVar.SetCVar(“autoStand”, 0);
/script C_CVar.SetCVar(“autoDismount”, 0);
/script C_CVar.SetCVar(“autoUnshift”, 0);

– where 0 disables the function, and a value of 1 would enable it.

We’re looking into making this an interface toggle setting in a future version of WoW Classic.

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I am a Classic Warlock enthusiast and in general like theorycrafting. I am owner and admin of the best community in the whole wide world, being the Classic Warlock Discord. This is the home of some of the best Warlocks in this game and the basis for theorycrafting and figuring out the optimal plays are for us warlocks. My aim is to make sure this up-to-date information is out there everywhere to be found adn to give back to the community.

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