Warrior Tanking Talents & Builds (wow Classic)
  • Author: Raulwing
  • Date: February 9, 2021
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

With the time that Classic WoW has been out, the community has optimized the game where one of the most important aspects of being a good tank is having good threat generation. Most tanks usually do not spec fully into the Protection tree anymore as it offers you little value in threat generation and scaling. Instead, the dominant talent build is the now famous Fury Prot build. 

As a Fury Prot tank you sometimes don’t even use a shield and instead dual wield for even more threat! For completionist’s sake, I will also include a Deep Protection build in this section, however this build is highly discouraged in anything more serious than a very casual raid as you will sooner or later bottleneck your DPS heavily because of lack of threat generation. 

You can still use it during the very early stages of a classic server’s progression where it is still very decent, but at a certain point it is definitely recommended to switch to the Fury Prot build.

Threat-Focused Fury Prot Build

furyprot threat

This build is the most commonly used one as Fury Prot tanking heavily relies on using Heroic Strike a lot and the Improved Heroic Strike talent allows you to do Heroic Strike that much more. However, we sacrifice Improved Shield Block which reduces your mitigation while wearing a shield a whole lot.

Defensive Fury Prot Build

furyprot defensive

This build sacrifices a point in dual wield specialization and opts to spec into parry chance instead of Improved Heroic Strike. I especially recommend this build for progressing Naxxramas as the Main Tank.

Deep Prot Build

Deep Prot Build Warrior Tank Wow Classic


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