Warrior Tanking Rotation, Cooldowns, And Abilities (wow Classic)
  • Author: Raulwing
  • Date: February 9, 2021
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

Generally, you always want to be in Defensive Stance when tanking.

You also want to try to stack as much rage as possible in the last seconds of each fight and transfer that into the next pull so that you have enough rage when opening.

Single Target Rotation (Dual Wield)

  1. Sunder Armor (If less than 5 Stacks)
  2. Bloodthirst
  3. Revenge
  4. Heroic Strike
  5. Sunder Armor (Rage dump)

Single Target Rotation (with Shield)

  1. Sunder Armor (If less than 5 Stacks)
  2. Bloodthirst
  3. Revenge
  4. Shield Block
  5. Sunder Armor
  6. Heroic Strike (Rage dump)

Area of Effect Rotation 

  1. Bloodthirst
  2. Cleave
  3. Battle Shout (Rage dump)


In general it is advisable to bind your shield to a macro when dual wielding so you can immediately switch when you drop to low hp. You should practice this a lot as it is a very important skill of a good tank. Use your Last Stand preventively to absorb damage spikes or to make up for your healers being forced to stop casting. Try to save your shield wall cooldown for difficult situations where you have to be able to live without being healed for a short time.

As a Fury Prot tank, you also have access to Death Wish. You can use it in combination with your activatable trinkets at the start of the fight to gain a threat lead. However, make sure to communicate with your healers as you will take increased damage.

On the most threat dependent encounters you could even use Recklessness for a huge threat gain. You should swap to Defensive Stance immediately after. Also never use Recklessness in combination with Death Wish as that will make you very susceptible to being oneshot by the boss.


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