Warrior Tanking Gear & Best In Slot (bis) (wow Classic)
  • Author: Raulwing
  • Date: February 9, 2021
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

These lists are designed to be an example but for many slots there are different options of items. Always adjust your item set to your raid’s needs. Also some threat items that are also DPS BiS are excluded from this list on purpose because for a tank those are minor upgrades and we don’t want to encourage tanks to take more DPS loot than already necessary.

BiS Gear

Phase 6 BiS


    Defensive: https://sixtyupgrades.com/set/8obVMcEWdh9DK4JhuV5Sts

    Threat: https://sixtyupgrades.com/set/57cQBexQUHKwE5PvHLAZT9


    Defensive: https://sixtyupgrades.com/set/hiZSf5mnjQafmGVh2ZE57z

    Threat: https://sixtyupgrades.com/set/85s5YBC8k9cExuchMePCEZ

Other Races:

    Defensive: https://sixtyupgrades.com/set/rZoENgaJxAqAV5SLdK3w4F

    Threat: https://sixtyupgrades.com/set/cMDmwWsYKkFp9dQg9cW9s4

Pre-BiS Gear

This list excludes the PvP gear as well as the Tier 0.5 set as those would cover almost every spot in this list but require a very extensive farm. If you however have one of those pieces, feel free to include them into your gear set as both sets are very strong for tanking.




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