Warrior Tanking Enchants & Consumables (wow Classic)
  • Author: Raulwing
  • Date: February 9, 2021
  • Expansion: WoW Classic


Armor Enchants

  • Head / Legs : Lesser Arcanum of Constitution / Presence of Might. While the latter is slightly stronger, it is also much more contested as it requires instanced drops from Zul’Gurub. You can pass those around to another class in your guild as the difference between the two for a Protection Warrior is rather insignificant.
  • Back: Dodge / 3 Agility. The dodge enchant is by far the best one, however it becomes available with Ahn’Qiraj and is quite expensive. 3 Agility is the early and cheap alternative.
  • Chest: Greater Stats / Major Health. The former is definitely better, but it’s a very rare recipe and definitely expensive.
  • Gloves: Superior Agility / Greater Agility. Superior Agility is an enchant that becomes available with Ahn Qiraj. Before that, use Greater Agility. While the 2% Threat enchant from AQ might seem good, the 15 agility enchant is stronger.
  • Boots: Minor Speed / Greater Agility / Greater Stamina. Minor speed is recommended for general use, however if you can get a second pair of good boots you can put one of the latter enchants on it and use those on encounters where you don’t have to move around a lot.

Weapon Enchants

  • Weapon: Crusader / Agility. Put Crusader on your main hand and Agility on your off hand. You main hand procs crusader more often than your off hand due to it also proccing off your abilities which use your main hand enchant. Also, you can save a precious buff slot by going for agility on your off hand.

Buffs and Consumables


In WoW Classic, buffs play a much bigger role than in any other version of the game. The difference between being fully buffed and not is bigger than from Pre-Raid gear to BiS Naxxramas gear. While on the one hand this is great as it allows you to still do well without the best gear, it also means that you should spend the time and money to collect all of them especially as a tank. Also, once you die your World Buffs are gone which as a tank means that you will no longer be able to hold aggro if your DPS still have those buffs. Because of this, it is of utmost importance that you do not die in a raid and that you save as much time on your world buffs as possible.

World Buffs

Fengus’ Ferocity / Moldar’s Moxie

Fengus’ Ferocity / Moldar’s Moxie

You can get these from completing a tribute run in Dire Maul north. Usually, there will be players selling cleared IDs on most populated realms. Just get the Ogre King buff from Mizzle the Crafty at the end of the dungeon and then talk to the Ogre Captains in the instance. I recommend not getting the 3% Spell Crit buff from Guard Slip’Kik as it just wastes a buff slot for you. It is also recommended to get these buffs first when getting your world buffs as they take the longest to get.

Spirit of Zandalar

Spirit of Zandalar

You can get this one either on the small Zandalari Island or in Booty Bay in Stranglethorn. It drops whenever a player turns in the Heart of Hakkar quest item from the Zul’Gurub raid.

Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer

Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer

This is by far the strongest single world buff for you. It drops in your capital city whenever a player turns in either the Head of Nefarian from BWL or the Head of Onyxia from Onyxia’s Lair.

Warchief’s Blessing

Warchief’s Blessing

For Horde, this is quite easy to get. Just be in Orgrimmar or Crossroads when someone turns in the Head of Rend Blackhand from the Blackrock Spire dungeon quest. You can also get this as an Alliance player, however you will have to take a risky journey to Horde dominated territory.

Songflower Serenade

Songflower Serenade

You can get this buff in Felwood from a cleansed Songflower. It only lasts one hour, so you should get this last. Be cautious though as on PvP servers, hostile encounters are very common around these and if you die or get dispelled you will have to get all world buffs again.


Greater Stoneshield Potion

This is by far your strongest combat potion increasing your armor by the same amount as a shield. This potion allows you to dual-wield tank even harder-hitting bosses for more threat. 

Limited Invulnerability Potion

This is really strong in combination with your Challenging Shout AoE Taunt ability as it makes you immune to physical damage for the duration while still forcing all mobs around you to attack you. A well timed LiP-mass taunt can save a whole raid from a wipe.

However, don’t use those on accident in a boss fight as you will drop aggro for the duration.

Mighty Rage Potion

You can use this potion directly on a boss pull to be able to have enough rage to drop all your abilities on the boss for instant threat. Usually you will prefer to use a Stoneshield potion instead.

Major Healing Potion

You can use those, but they are weaker than the aforementioned ones and it shares the same cooldown.

Flasks & Elixirs

Flask of the Titans

This is your strongest single consumable as a tank but also by far the most expensive one. If you can’t afford it, ask your guild to support you with the cost, as having the huge amount of bonus HP on the tank benefits the whole raid.

Elixir of the Mongoose, Elixir of Giants, Elixir of Superior Defense, Elixir of Fortitude

Those four are your baseline consumables. You can use all of those at the same time and usually should. 

Other Consumables


You can get those from collecting different types of E’ko from different Mobs in Winterspring and turning those in at the Troll Witch Doctor Mau’ri in Everlook. Most of them are only situationally useful, however you can use Juju Power and Juju Might. However, Juju Power does not stack with Elixir of Giants and Juju Might is really rare and therefore expensive.

Winterfall Firewater

Winterfall Firewater is quite a rare drop from the Winterfall Furbolgs in Winterspring. It is definitely strong but expensive and does not stack with Juju Might.

Whipper Root Tuber

Whipper Root Tuber can be gathered from cleansed Whipper Roots in Felwood. They share a cooldown with Healthstone rather than Major Healing Potion or Greater Stoneshield Potion and are a nice source of self healing.


Tender Wolf Steaks / Smoked Desert Dumpling / Dirge’s kickin Chimaerok Chops

The latter two are stronger than the first, but only become available during the later stages of the game.


Rumsey Rum Black Label / Gordok Green Grog

The first one can be gathered by fishing while the latter you can buy in a Dire Maul North Tribute run. However, when fully world buffed those are usually not worth the buff slot. Use them once your world buffs run out or you lose them.


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