RealMobHealth is the best option for players to see HP for enemy mobs. This addon records damage taken by a mob which is used to estimate its max health when in combat and stores it for better accuracy in the future.

RealMobHealth also broadcasts discovered health to others using the addon and can query them for unknown mobs.


/RMHDel [UnitID]
Removes selected UnitID from stored health values. This defaults to target if not specified. (Does not effect received peer data)

Clears all recorded health data. (Does not effect received peer data)

Known issues:

  • Drunkenness lowers the perceived level of a mob, this will confuse the addon if used while your character is drunk.
  • Recorded damage may not clear if an untargeted mob in CombatLog range resets and is re-engaged.
  • Due to the impreciseness of UnitHealth(), damage recording only starts once a hit brings a mob down to 99% or below.
  • To mitigate this, there are a few seconds between when damage recording starts and when reset detection is allowed to run.
  • Race conditions exist in the CombatLog which may cause the addon to occasionally miss damage events at the beginning or end of a fight.
  • Examples: CombatLog events firing after a UNIT_DEATH occurs and UnitHealth() not updating in time when a fight starts.
  • Mobs killed by NPCs like faction guards sometimes don’t send overkill data in the CombatLog. This causes unusually high health to be recorded.


  • See the included APIDoc.txt if you wish to add support to your addon or UI.
  • Due to technical limitations with SavedVars, RealMobHealth cannot be made embeddable.
  • Be sure to add RealMobHealth in the OptionalDeps tag of your ToC.

If you wish to advertise RealMobHealth support in your addon or UI, include a link pointing to this page for download. Attempting to include it in your own download may cause versioning issues. LibStub only fixes this for embedded addons. Again, RealMobHealth isn’t embeddable and can’t be made so.

I’m open to questions and suggestions. Feel free to message me here or post in the comments.

I’m also available for support on the WoWUIDev Discord, @mention me or send a DM.


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4 years ago

I just installed this addon, and it does show other mana point numbers for other players. But for some reason it wont show actual hit points for players health, only the percentage based out of 100. How can I get it to show total hit points in numbers, like it shows total mana points???

Ok it seems to be working now on my targets, maybe I did not give it a chance to update or something. But is there a way to show hit points of players and mobs health on mouse over tool tip? I can see mana points in numbers of players and mobs on mouse over, but not health in hit points.

Last edited by CWB
4 years ago

doesnt seem to be working for me…still showing the normal percentage health on mobs,,,and getting the recorded health message on cursor

Last edited by Vertigo
4 years ago

same here doesnt show my own health nor health for other players

Last edited by DnB
4 years ago

Awesome addon, thank you for making it. I Just a quick question. Is there anyways to make the font on the Nameplate larger?

Last edited by 0rz
4 years ago

Same for me

Last edited by Gamercop
3 years ago

Hey, I have a nother question about your unit frames with the combat swords, are these unit frames an stand alone addon?

Last edited by Doc
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