Adds castbars to TargetFrame and nameplates in Classic World of Warcraft 1.13.x.
You may toggle which unitframes you want to see castbars for. See configuration below.

  • /castbar target enable – Toggles castbar for Target Frame. You might need to retarget an unit for it to update.
  • /castbar nameplate enable – Toggles castbar for Nameplates.
  • /castbar target pos dynamic – Toggles automatic positioning for Target castbar. Default on.
  • /castbar target pos xValue yValue – Set X and Y offset position for Target castbar. Negative X value will move bar left, positive right. Y value is same thing but moves up and down. Using this will automatically disable dynamic positioning. Replace xValue and yValue with your values, for example: /castbar target pos 20 -40
  • /castbar nameplate pos xValue yValue – Same as above but for nameplate castbars.


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1 year ago

Am not able to move the cast bar through “/castbar target pos x y”. That command only opens the options window. Is the addon known for colliding with any other addon? Or have anyone else experienced this and found a solution?

Last edited by Haz
1 year ago

It’s draggable though once “Toggle Testing Target” has been clicked – for any others that dumb out like I just did.

Last edited by Haz
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