Wow Classic Dungeon & Raid Loot List

Dungeon & Raid Loot

A database of all instance loot in the game with advanced filtering!

Wow Classic Talent Calculator

Talent Calculator

Use our WoW Classic talent calculator to plan your builds!

Wow Classic Hunter Pets

Hunter Pets

Find your next pet in our hunter pet database!

Wow Classic Rare Hunter Pets

Rare Hunter Pets

View rare pets for your hunter so you can camp it early!

Wow Classic Base Stats Calculator

Base Stats Calculator

A calculator for the base stats for all classes in WoW Classic!

Wow Classic Race & Class Comparison Tool

Race & Class Comparison

Compare races and classes with this WoW Classic tool!

Wow Classic Tier Sets Gallery

Tier Sets Gallery

View dungeon and raid tier sets from WoW Classic at!

Wow Classic Bis

Best in Slot

A tool to view best in slot gear for each phase.

Wow Classic Twink Best In Slot (bis)

Twink Best in Slot

A tool to view bis great for twinks of every class and bracket.

Nexushub Wow Classic Auction House Tool

Auction House Database

Find Auction House data for items on all realms.

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