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Back in May, Blizzard updated their rules on social conduct within World of Warcraft, with what they called the “Social Contract”. The feature details what Blizzard considers unacceptable behaviour in Azeroth — such as hate speech targeting a player’s race, gender or ability, harassment, spamming, etc — as well as a general encouragement for more social behaviour.

The feature was added to retail WoW with patch 9.2.5. Players who logged in after that point were asked to read the social contract — which is a few paragraphs long — and click “Accept” in order to be able to login, with the only other option being “Exit Game”. Blizzard however never added the feature to Classic, leading some to believe that they consider Classic to be more of a “laissez faire” sandbox.

That appears to have changed, however. Players logging into the WotLK beta after the newest update found that they also got the Social Contract notification upon logging on, similar to retail WoW. This confirms that Blizzard plans to implement these slightly stricter policies regarding social attitudes in the game in Classic as well — it won’t be the “forgotten stepchild” that some thought it might be.

Here’s hoping they stick to the terms that the social contract dictates and Classic becomes a slightly less toxic experience!

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21 days ago

finally some good news

6 days ago

Look at the sensitive losers praising blizzard over this lmao you people will never survive in the real world. Yikes

20 days ago

what garbage this company is

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