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With Wednesday, the last day of August, finally over in the EU, the Wrath of the Lich King pre-patch has now been successfully launched on all regions.

In specific, the following features and changes are now live:

  • New spells & talents, though players are still limited to level 70
  • Players can now create characters of the new Death Knight class
  • The Inscription profession is now live, along with the Glyphs it creates
  • Enchanting scrolls (Armor Vellum & Weapon Vellum) made by Inscription so players can sell their enchants on the Auction House
  • The achievement system
  • The pet & mount collection tab under the character screen, which stores all of your character’s mounts & pets in one place, saving bag space
  • The Equipment Manager and Talent Preview systems can now be enabled by going into Interface settings -> Features tab
  • Every single Burning Crusade raid instance has been nerfed; both bosses and trash have had a 30 to 50% damage and health nerf
  • The amount of experience required to level up has been reduced
  • The Barber Shop is now live in SW & Org, allowing players to change their character’s appearance (including skin tone, body type and other features)
  • The name change service is now live
  • Players who own the original Wrath of the Lich King: Collector’s Edition can now redeem their Frosty pet by talking to an innkeeper

This list is not comprehensive, but it includes most major changes. Unfortunately, the pre-patch launch isn’t without hitches, as there’s multiple minor bugs and many servers are experiencing significant lag and login queues. Blizzard has blocked character transfers to high population servers & is offering free character transfers out of those servers for players who would rather not deal with these issues, but that is of course not a perfect solution, and we hope that they keep fixing bugs and working on the lag situation in order to make the pre-patch experience more enjoyable.

Furthermore, fresh servers are now live! Players who want to start out fresh on a server that has no level 70 characters and an established economy can create their characters there and begin levelling today, hopefully making it to level 70 before the release of Wrath of the Lich King later this month!

Have you been enjoying the pre-patch so far? Did you finally get a chance to clear the infamously difficult Sunwell Plateau raid? Are you levelling a new character on the fresh realms? Or are you levelling a Death Knight character on your old server instead? Let us know in the comments below!

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