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As a response to the massive issue of Death Knight bots, Blizzard has reintroduced the level 55 character restriction for Death Knights. This means that in order to make a new Death Knight, you will need to have a level 55 character on your account.

Ideally, this should make getting an effective bot account up and running a bit slower, adding the initial 55 levels to the time spent. Realistically, this will most likely be a minor change in the overall amount of botting—but with a little bit of luck, this should mean that Battlegrounds are no longer exclusively filled with Death Knight bots.

Additionally, Aggrend mentions that almost 120,000 “malicious accounts” have been removed from both WotLK Classic and Classic Era. This should hopefully cause at least a dent in the current bot population.

Aggrend – (Source)


Over the past few weeks, we’ve taken actions that removed almost 120,000 malicious accounts from the World of Warcraft ecosystem, including both Wrath of the Lich King Classic and Classic Era. This is in addition to our usual, ongoing banwaves, which often include actions against tens of thousands of accounts per week.

As a supplement to these recent actions, we want you to know that as of next week’s regional maintenance, we will be returning the original Death Knight character creation restrictions to Wrath of the Lich King Classic. This means that unless you already have a level 55 character on your account, you will be unable to create a Death Knight. We felt it was very important for the launch of Wrath of the Lich King classic to give anyone who wanted to hop into this iconic expansion the ability to do so with as few barriers as possible. Allowing every account access to Death Knights– even if they did not meet the historic requirements –was important. However, now that the initial launch period has passed, we no longer wish to allow the unrestricted creation of Death Knights on brand new accounts. It’s a tempting vector for malicious actors to use to get into the game and start exploiting very quickly.

We hope that this helps slow the proliferation of malicious behavior in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. It’s important to keep in mind that as long as there is a demand for gold and other services that players are willing to pay real money for, these malicious actors will keep coming back. Please– never hesitate to report suspected cheating such as buying and selling gold for real money, automation, and advertisements for power leveling or any real-money sales in chat. Your reports greatly help our efforts to take actions that improve the game.

Thanks to everyone who has commented on this issue over the past several months, and thanks to everyone who helps by reporting suspicious activity.

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6 months ago

But what about the people who buy a boost ? Doesn’t that defeat having to have a 55+?

Reply to  Passion
5 months ago

They may or may not buy a boost

Considering it takes bots 1 month to reach 70+, if money bot can make per month is greater than the cost of boost

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