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Greg Burke of gaming news YouTube channel Shacknews recently had an interview with WoW Classic lead producer Holly Longdale and senior software developer Kevin Vigue. The subject of the interview of course was Wrath of the Lich King Classic, one of the hottest topics on the MMO & Blizzard spheres right now.

A wide variety of topics were covered, ranging from Blizzard’s philosophy when it comes to making changes in Classic, such as those to the barber shop, and accessibility, such as the level boost feature. The most important tidbit of information for Classic players undoubtedly came at the end, with Longdale finally giving us a date for the start of the Wrath of the Lich King Classic beta… well, sorta. Her exact words were:

“To be fair to you, I think we’re generally saying, you know, we’re really excited to get Wrath on beta in the next two to three months.”

Holl Longdale – Lead Producer, WoW Classic

This of course isn’t extremely specific but at least it gives us something to work with, with the knowledge that the Wrath Classic beta will be coming out in July to August. Furthermore, the TBC Classic Beta lasted 2 months and 1 week until TBC Classic was officially released, so if Blizzard sticks to a similar schedule, we can extrapolate that Wrath Classic might be launching in September or October, with October perhaps being the more likely option.

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