development notes & known issues for wotlk classic beta

WotLK Classic is just around the corner, and no one is more excited about it than we are! To that end, we’ve been updating our class guides with the newest information to come out of the various class Discords and other trusted sources. We will of course be refining them further when more data comes out of the WotLK Beta, and we can verify what’s right vs what was just private server stuff that ended up being wrong.

We got some of the most commonly requested guides updated first:

Please check back for more guide updates, and let us know if you would like your spec’s guide to be updated already!

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Classic WoW is my jam, with a passion for PvP. Most know me as Baranor, the ret paladin guy, but I'm secretly a druid main, don't tell anyone. In my free time I play Switch games, particularly JRPGs. Some day I'll be making my own games and I humbly hope you play those too!

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