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  • Author: Passion
  • Date: September 26, 2022
  • Updated: September 26, 2022
  • Expansion: WotLK Classic

In a recent adjustment intended to fix an unintended exploit of mob tagging inside of WotLK Classic dungeons, experience now splits among all the damage dealers in the instance. This change would count the party as one entity, sharing experience between them.

Unfortunately, this has caused experience to also split towards third-party entities, such as the Enslaved Proto-Drakes in Utgarde Keep that are dealt damage by the Proto-Drake Handlers casting Unholy Rage. Aggrend has clarified that this is a temporary issue that is a side effect of a quick fix in order to have the game ready for launch. Aggrend also clarifies that they have analyzed the XP loss and deemed it “fairly negligible” and that most players will not feel any impact at all.

This will eventually be fixed with a more permanent solution but, for now, this is just a temporary issue which will likely only last during the release period.

Aggrend – (Source)

This is mostly accurate. We did make an adjustment that requires a player or party within a dungeon to do the vast majority of the damage to a creature to receive full experience. This is a stopgap fix for now to address a specific type of dungeon leveling technique which essentially exploited dungeon kickout timers and the previous mob tagging mechanics, which did not require the tagging player to do nearly as much damage to the mobs for full XP. The fix we have isn’t perfect and has a few sub-optimal edge cases, but we are not going to make further adjustments for launch day and the ensuing realm/world first attempts at this point.

We’ve analyzed it pretty closely and the amount of XP lost in a full Utgarde Keep run is fairly negligible and players in normal groups should not really feel any impact at all. Intrepid solo levelers might feel it a bit more due to the nature of the pulls employed, but this type of leveling is still incredibly efficient for the classes that are capable of doing so, which is not every class.

We plan to implement a more full featured fix very similar to the one quoted above very soon.

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