blizzard adds wotlk classic beta data to client featured image

While players were hyped with the release of Sunwell Plateau and the ensuing world first race, Blizzard sneakily made a huge move towards releasing WotLK Classic: they uploaded an entire WotLK beta build to their Content Delivery Network (CDN)!

Players have been meticulously digging through the data on the client, discovering all sorts of interesting stuff, such as this article’s featured image, screenshotted by user @Marlamin on Twitter. Everything is there, added under the “Classic Beta” branch, currently tagged as build People have been discovering assets and achievement data,

blizzard adds wotlk classic beta data to client wow tools

One of the most exciting discoveries is that of realm first achievements being back. There was speculation whether Blizzard would be bringing those back, as they’ve moved away from them in more recent expansions, but alas here they are!

blizzard adds wotlk classic beta data to client achievements

It is not currently known when the beta itself will be playable by players, though this discovery certainly means it’s not as far as we thought. For the time being, we only have the data for it, and the launcher is ready to install it any time. And we are all of course ready to get hyped!

What are your feelings after these news? Are you excited about getting to try out WotLK Classic’s beta? Will you be racing to realm first titles? Let us know in the comments below!

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