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  • Author: milliondollarpuppy
  • Date: January 7, 2023
  • Expansion: WotLK Classic

In this brief statement from Blizz, they share further details on what will happen as Season 5 ends and the transition to Season 6 begins. This should be a relief to players as after the 9th, players will have a week to purchase Deadly gear with no rank requirements and half the Arena points as usual before the point reset for Season 6.

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Apologies for the confusion here. The previous post announcing the Season 5 end date was unfortunately incorrect. The end of Arena Season 5 will function much like Arena seasons 1-4 in Burning Crusade Classic functioned.

On Monday Jan 9th at 10 p.m. PST Arena Season 5 will end (in the US region) and the following will occur:

  • Arena Points costs for Deadly Gladiator gear will be halved, and all rating requirements will be removed from Deadly gear.
    • Note: The only exception to this is the Deadly Gladiator’s Tabard which will retain its 2300 rating requirement, but it will also have its Arena Points cost reduced by half after January 9th. After Season 6 begins* however, your Season 5 rating will be wiped and this tabard will no longer be available. If you would like to own this and qualify for it, you should purchase it as soon as possible after January 9th.
  • Savage and Hateful Gladiator gear will only be available for honor and the honor cost of these items will be reduced as well.
  • Savage and Hateful Gladiator gear that can already be purchased with Emblems of Heroism and Valor will not have their emblem cost reduced and will cost the same amount as they have throughout season 5.
    • The overall availability of Valor emblems should go up significantly in Season 6, with Valor moving to Heroic dungeons. Valor may also be converted to Heroism emblems at the appropriate vendor in Dalaran.

*Please note that we aren’t ready to announce a start date for Season 6 yet, but you will have at least one full week after January 9th to spend your Arena Points. When Arena Season 6 begins at that later date, the normal conversion of Arena Points to Honor will occur.

Sincere apologies for the miscommunication and inconvenience this might have caused. Hopefully this helps clear things up. Thank you!

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