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Pre-raid is also known as ”Pre-BiS”, and refers to the gear you should be shooting for before raids start. As you’ll see below, hunters have it extremely easy, since many of the Pre-Raid items they want can be purchased with badges of heroism.

I do not think it is going to be likely for anyone to get Pre-BiS in a week, so you should save your badges whenever possible and fill the holes with alternatives if you’re missing something. Don’t buy gear with awful stats, though. Refer to the Stat Priority section when making gearing decisions, and note the alternatives listed below.

This requires Engineering 400. If you aren’t leveling that profession, Plunderer’s Helm (a drop from Utgarde Keep) is a viable alternative.

https://www.wotlkdb.com/?item=37861 (A drop in Nexus Heroic)

Massive Spaulders of the Jormungar (Utgarde Pinnacle HC)
https://www.wotlkdb.com/?item=44257 (Knights of the Ebon Blade Rep – Revered)

Alternatively, you can use the BoE cloak Ice Striker’s Cloak if you’re already at or near the Hit Rating cap. it has haste but we do not have many cloak options.

Do not get the two Tier 7 parts available unless you have no other choice, they both have suboptimal stats.
https://www.wotlkdb.com/?item=39579 and https://www.wotlkdb.com/?item=39582 total up to 140 badges and are IMO a waste of time.
However, https://www.wotlkdb.com/?item=37800 is a relatively good and cheap ”freshly” dinged alternative item, however. (BoE from the AH, but with a high drop-rate from Drak’Tharon Keep Mobs) It is weaker than the tier I advised you not to get, but it will not take you hours upon hours to get.

https://www.wotlkdb.com/?item=44203 (requires Wyrmrest Accord Exalted)
https://www.wotlkdb.com/?item=43131 (created by Leatherworking, BoE)

Avoid Tier 7 due to suboptimal stats – https://www.wotlkdb.com/?item=39582. – 140 badges is too much of an investment into bad stats + bad tier bonus.

https://www.wotlkdb.com/?item=37409 (drop from Utgarde Pinnacle Heroic)
https://www.wotlkdb.com/?item=37639 (drop from Gun’Drak Heroic)

Alternative: Vereesa’s Silver Chain Belt (purchased for 40 Emblems of Heroism)

Alternative – Hollowed Mandible Legplates (drop from Azjol Nerub Heroic dungeon)

There is no good alternative, and the boots are extremely easy to get. But if you’re for some reason lacking the argent rep, there’s:
ttps://www.wotlkdb.com/?item=37167 (drop from Nexus Heroic dungeon)
https://www.wotlkdb.com/?item=37841 (drop from Halls of Lightning Heroic dungeon)

Alternative: Hemorrhaging Circle — yes, it has expertise, and you will piss off a lot of melees, but the amount of Agility on it makes up for it. In fact, it is actually considered BiS for Survival if you do not need any more Hit rating.

DMC is a must if you’re going to be serious about your survival hunter, you’re going to use it for a long time, probably multiple phases!

https://www.wotlkdb.com/?item=37166 (drop from Nexus Heroic dungeon)
https://www.wotlkdb.com/?item=37390 (drop from Utgarde Pinnacle Heroic dungeon) -only use it if you have too much hit to use Dragon Essence, the proc is terrible and it is best to avoid the trinket entirely.

Runeblade of Demonstrable Power (requires Revered with Knights of the Ebon Blade)
https://www.wotlkdb.com/?item=37848 (drop from Halls of Lightning Heroic dungeon)

Dwarves will instead want https://www.wotlkdb.com/?item=44504, although if you aren’t leveling Engineering you’ll have to get it from another player or the Auction House.

Alternative: Zombie Sweeper Shotgun – (Requires Revered with Argent Crusade)


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I'm Jamie I have played WotLK since launch in 2008, until its demise when the lich died, after Cata and MoP I was done with retail and rekindled that spark in 2015 til 2022. Which means I've spent give or take ~10 years on this expansion alone. I've always played hardcore - going for either realm firsts or higher. I stream on https://www.twitch.tv/jamielolx2 sometimes for 100 hours in a row during Wrath once it releases. Currently playing in Avatar on Earthshaker EU, Knokploeg on Gehennas EU and Instinct on Faerlina-US preparing for another dose of fresh wrath. I've played 28 specs - missing feral and enhancement but have a slight forte towards healers and ranged DPS.
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1 month ago

No Pet Section?

1 month ago

Not worth going for The Kirin Tor ring?

1 month ago

This cant be right, or why u dont pick t-set items on chest, shoulder, legs and hands?

26 days ago

Highest DPS for BiS naxx gear? Surv vs. MM?

2 days ago

thoughts on using Grim Toll over say Darkmoon deck? I know it’s going to be a highly contested item, but if you are able to get your hands on it wouldn’t it be better in the long run?

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