pve shadow priest stat priority (wotlk 3.3.5a)

Single Target Rotation

Shadow Priests have a priority list rather than a rotation. A single target fight consists of a basic opener followed by a priority list of debuff that you need to keep up on the the target and it goes as following

Prior to T10 4/5 Set bonus:

Here, Mind Blast > Mind Flay DPS wise


Vampiric TouchMind BlastDevouring PlagueMind FlayShadow Word: Pain

N.B: Never Cast Shadow Word: Pain before Shadow Weaving stacking up to 5 stacks (every spell you cast gives you one stack of Shadow Weaving and Mind Flay gives you 3 stacks on its own

Priority List

Refresh Vampiric TouchDevouring Plague as soon as they run out prior to everything else.
Cast Mind Blast CD to CD if both Vampiric Touch & Devouring Plague are active.

As long as you keep casting Mind Flay you shouldn’t worry about Shadow Word: Pain fading out due to the fact that it automatically refreshes due to Pain and Suffering.

After T10 4/5 Set bonus : 

Here Mind Flay > Mind Blast so it would be pointless to cast Mind Blast at this point


Vampiric TouchDevouring PlagueMind FlayShadow Word: Pain 

Priority List

Same as the other priority list, refresh Vampiric TouchDevouring Plague as soon as they run out prior to everything else and keep casting Mind Flay to refresh the uptime of Shadow Word: Pain 

AoE/Multi-Target Rotation


  1. Priests in general have little to no mobility other than Nitro Boosts if you have Engineering which you should have for this particular reason so position is key for priests and for shadow priests especially if you want to maintain your DPS
  2. Dispersion is one of the best defensive cooldowns that any caster wishes to have. If  timed correctly you can skip wipe mechanics with a single click and the cooldown is really short for how powerful this ability is.
  3. Even if you’re playing as DPS, in the end you’re a priest so you need to keep a properly managed raid frame and you should always be ready to use on of your utilities if needed
  4. In a boss fight that requires a lot of movements, you can add Shadow Word: Death to your arsenal and you can keep refreshing Devouring Plague on that matter due to the fact that it has an initial damage.
  5. Having an Off spec ready to when needed can be the difference between progressing a hard boss and being stack for hours on the same boss so you should always consider have a secondary spec to switch to if ever needed


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Best Spriest OCE
Best Spriest OCE
4 months ago

Ctrl+F “Snapshot”
Weird, Seems to be missing? nice guide bro

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