pve protection paladin stat priority (wotlk 3.3.5a)

As stats go we will want to focus on the following:

  1. Defense
  2. Expertise and Hit Rating
  3. Stamina
  4. Block
  5. Dodge
  6. Parry

540 Defense Skill is the cap that you will want to achieve, anything other than that puts you at risk of being called a “Paper Tank”. Paper tank meaning that you run the risk of being one-shot by certain boss mechanics, such as Lord Marrowgar’s Cleave or Professor Putricide’s last phase.

Hit rating just like any other melee class will be 8% which means 263 Hit rating. When we are thinking about expertise, we should remember that Combat Expertise helps us cap it along with Glyph of Seal of Vengeance like we mentioned earlier. The Expertise cap is 26, just like every other melee class.

Being a tank means that you have to stack stamina, which is pretty much self explanatory, and that is why we chose to stack stamina gems in the first place.

The Block Value offers us great damage mitigation, when it comes to the damage mitigation tools in the game, block value will be your greatest aid on your path of “shielding” your allies.

Apart from the ICC raid, in which our dodge rating is automatically reduced, dodge rating will help you further mitigate incoming damage. Parry rating will be the last stat due to the fact that it does not bring in as much avoidance as the dodge stat, especially when considering diminishing returns of stacking the stats.


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2 months ago

does prot paladin didnt need spell power in wotlk ?

Reply to  waaaaw
2 months ago

No he does not. In WotLK there are a few things that turn a percentage of strength into spell power. Strength comes with all prot plate now so it is easy to gear

Reply to  Red
2 months ago

The talent that gives you spell power from strength is “touched by the Light”

14 days ago

Combat expertise does not give hit.

1 year ago

Block value should be above anything, defense is good if you don’t want to be one shoted but Block value buffs your Holy Shield which also increase block value and gives damage in return.

Last edited by Bong
Reply to  Bong
10 months ago

Reaching Def Cap for raiding is a must. Block value is the least of your concerns when tanking.

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