pve protection paladin rotation, cooldowns, & abilities (wotlk 3.3.5a)

When we think about Protection Paladin, we think about face tanking that nasty boss that is hiding his beautiful loot from your pockets. The Protection Paladin benefits as a tank from one of the most amazing threat generating tools in the game, Righteous Fury, which increases your threat generation by 80%. Always remember to check if you have this ability active!

When we talk about utility, we have our auras combined with the various “hands” spells that we offer the party/raid but one of our most powerful defensive cooldown is Divine Sacrifice, with the way we have our talent build, it will mitigate damage from our whole raid while also reducing the damage we receive so it is a huge lifesaver in case people do mistakes.

Single Target Rotation

As a single target rotation, the Protection Paladin uses around five to six spells in its rotation, Judgement will be used on cooldown as well as Consecration which you will want to keep on the ground at all times.

The judgement you should use depends entirely on whether you have another paladin or not in your group or your raid, usually due to the fact you will most certainly find an entire set of paladins in your group, whether those might be Retribution Paladins or Holy Paladins, the use of Judgement of Wisdom will be the one you will want to prioritize.

In the case there are no other paladins in the group or raid, you will want to use Judgement of Light in order to benefit from the 2% maximum health regeneration per hit that it offers.

Holy Shield increases your block value and has eight charges, so you will want to keep it up at all times, Shield of Righteousness along with Hammer of the Righteous will be your main spam abilities.

The sixth spell which you will want to use for your engage is Avenger’s Shield, you will want to use it in the beginning of the fight combined with our favorite wings (Avenging Wrath) to maximize the threat generation in the beginning of the fight and spam it on cooldown afterwards. In case your threat is fluctuating and you lose the aggro for even a second, immediately taunt the target with Hand of Reckoning to stabilize your threat. The first   5 to 10 seconds after engaging are the most critical because we are taking into consideration the fact that it is time frame for the most burst on the target caused b y our damage dealers.

One defensive cooldown that is mostly overlooked or forgotten is Divine Protection, it will reduce all the damage you are taking for 12 seconds by 50%, just remember that you can not use it right after you have used your Avenging Wrath for 30 seconds.

One thing you can do if you find yourself without a holy paladin in your group, you can keep up on you Sacred Shield in order to offer you more damage absorption.

Area of Effect Rotation 

Alright, remember the build variation we talked about? Well here is where it shines, when we are talking about Area of Effect tanking, we are talking about a lot of mobs targeting us, so Seal of Command combined with Hammer of the Righteous will work wonders, even if you will not have so much expertise from Seal of Vengeance, your damage will be pretty high which will allow you to maintain aggro.The rest is just as the single target rotation, you will want to keep Consecration on the ground and remember to always have Righteous Fury up.


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1 month ago

About the pull, you pop Wings, Throw Avenger at max range and because of travel time you taunt the target. And for god sake, never ever taunt target that is already targeting you.

Pre-taunting is not solution to anything as it either kills dps now or 2 seconds later, either way if he wasn’t able to notice threat situation 10 seconds prior, 2 additional seconds won’t help him and you lost taunt CD.

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