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In this guide we will be discussing 4 different variations for a PvE Destruction Warlock: 3 of them will be main build variations, and 1 will be a situational build for AoE crowd control.

Each of these builds will give you a different advantage, and each is entirely viable for end-game content. AoE build, in particular, will be helpful to you early on, and effective for boss fights such as Deathbringer Saurfang in Icecrown Citadel, or whelps in Onyxia’s Lair.

Build 1: Standard Build

The first build is what we typically call a “Standard Build”: It allows you to empower your Imp through several key talents, such as the Aftermath, Improved Imp, and Empowered Imp. The build benefits from the two points it has in Destructive Reach, which reduces your generated threat by 20% and increases your spell’s range by 20%. However, it relinquishes one point from Demonic Aegis to have that. None of the builds have points spent into Suppression; so, if you find yourself lacking Hit Rating, you might want to choose to forgo points in Destructive Reach and Demonic Aegis until you reach the required Hit Rating without the need of Suppression.

The first build also benefits from the Soul Leech and Improved Soul Leech. Soul Leech offers you a return of health points based on the amount of damage you deal with several of your main abilities. Meanwhile, Improved Soul Leech offers you two main effects: the first is restoring 2% of your mana, as well as your summoned demon’s mana, while the second effect acts as a “Replenishment” for up to 10 raid members.

Other noteworthy effects that will be shared between each build are Fire and Brimstone, Shadow and Flame, Pyroclasm, Backlash, and Backdraft

The Fire and Brimstone talent acts as an empowerment effect for Chaos Bolt and Incinerate, as long as the target is afflicted by Immolate. Meanwhile, Shadow and Flame is a passive increase of your spells by 20% of your spell power. Backlash offers you a 3% increased critical strike chance, while also offering an instant cast of Incinerate or Shadow Bolt when hit by a physical attack – this effect can trigger when hit by an AoE effect from a boss. Backdraft offers you a 30% reduction in cast time of 3 destruction spells you cast after Conflagrate.


Build 2: Improved Fel Armor Stats


The second build is a variation of the first build – it trades one point from Improved Soul Leech and adds it to Demonic Aegis instead. With this build you will not offer as much Replenishment as with the Standard Build, but you will gain higher stats from your Fel Armor.

Build 3: For Unholy Power / No Soul Leech


This third build works differently than the previous two builds: it emphasizes the damage of your pet over regeneration. You will lose access to Soul Leech and Improved Soul Leech, but you will gain access to 3 points in Demonic Aegis, Soul Link, Fel Domination, and 3 points in Unholy Power.

Fel Domination grants you a faster summoning for your demons – you can use it in case your Imp gets destroyed. Soul Link offers you an actual link between you and your demon: it transfers  20% of the damage you receive to your demon instead.

Unholy Power directly empowers your demon’s attacks; sadly, we can only afford to add 3 points into this talent and therefore empower our Imp by 16%.

Build 4: For AoE CC and Struggling with Dungeons


The fourth build follows the exact same pattern as the Standard Build, with one exception: you spend only one point into Destructive Reach and gain Shadowfury in return. Unlike in The Burning Crusade, Shadowfury has no cast time – you can effectively use it to crowd control mobs in dungeons, or pesky adds in raids.


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