Fire Mage Pve Talents & Builds (wotlk)

Standard / Torment the Weak Build

This is the standard Fire spec (18/53/0), known as the Torment the Weak build, or TTW for short. Combined with crit (and RNG), it is one of the strongest DPS specs in Wrath of the Lich King — assuming fights go on long enough for your damage to ramp up.

Link to the build

fire mage talents ttw
fire mage glyphs ttw

Frostfire Bolt Build

This is the Frostfire Bolt spec (0/54/17), or FFB for short. This build is a bit less Mana intensive than the TTW build and has Icy Veins. It will generally deal less damage on bosses than the TTW build, however.

Link to the build

fire mage talents ffb
fire mage glyphs ffb


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