Fire Mage Pve Talents & Builds (wotlk)

As a Mage, your playstyle will not be the same on every boss encounter and you have to adapt to each encounter.

The first Talent tree focuses on the range Flame Throwing, and this depends on the boss encounters. The 6 yard range is so crucial for some fights and can make or break the whole encounter.

E.g: this talent is must in The Lich King boss fight due to the mage being the only class can do damage to the boss during phases

The second tree focuses more on higher DPS with Student of the Mind due to the extra spirit that you gain from this talent that will boost your crit significantly from your Molten Armor that is being upgraded with Glyph of Molten Armor 

Both talent trees highly focus on Fireball as a main damaging spell, with Torment the Weak as a main route to boost your damage

Note: Bosses can’t be snared, but the talent requires only the debuff to be present on the target to work.


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