Fire Mage Pve Rotation, Cooldowns, And Abilities (wotlk)

Every second counts, and as a class whose purpose is to pop as much damage as possibly can, you should always be aware of your surroundings and take every chance you get to to boost your gameplay.

Single Target Rotation

Usually, boss fights are more about disciplines and the boss should only be pulled accordingly, so always use that to your advantage.

When the timer reaches 5 seconds before pulling the boss, pre-use your potion (potions can be used only once in a boss fight and using it before the pull gives you the chance to use it again during the fight if you need it) and immediately start casting Pyroblast  (at soft haste cap, your Pyroblast should be roughly around 4 seconds) and with the travel time being around 1 seconds depending on the range you’re standing from the boss (should be 36 yards at pull for maximum efficiency) your spell will hit the boss exactly on pull. As soon as you finish casting Pyroblast you should be already casting Fireball followed by Scorch and Living Bomb . This will give you a huge early burst and usually will give you Hot Streak proc. 

Area of Effect Rotation 


  1. Always keep in mind that your Living Bomb needs to explode so if the mobs won’t survive longer than Living Bomb’s duration (12 seconds) don’t use it.
  2. Do not use Blink! If you need to move quickly it is not recommended to use it because it will count as DPS loss for you as it triggers your global cooldown for 1.2 seconds. Instead, move and use Fire Blast to keep a Hot Streak proc if you know you’ll be moving soon.

            Note: you can move while refreshing Living Bomb or casting Pyroblast 

  1. At the start of the encounter, place yourself as far as you can from your raid members and from the boss. This will allow you both an overview of the situation, and it will decrease your chance to be hit by a randomly-launched boss attack.
  2. Always, maintain a 35+ range from the boss, in order to never waste a Hot Streak proc.
  3. Scorch doesn’t stack with Improved Shadow Bolt so if you have a warlock in your raid, just don’t use Scorch as it counts as a DPS loss for you.

Do not ever refresh your Living Bomb before it explodes


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Bobby Biglow
Bobby Biglow
18 days ago

The second tip is pretty useless. You’ll do more DPS if you need to move for more than 1.2 seconds and can’t hide the movement in instant casts, as well as the tip only applying to recount which you shouldn’t be using anyways. Seems like a way to try to ‘game’ the recount damage meter instead of actually doing more DPS.

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