tbc officially released june 1 with prepatch may 18th
  • Author: Taladril
  • Date: May 6, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

We finally have an official announcement from Blizzard today about the release dates and times for TBC and the prepatch and it is soon! Prepatch is less than 2 weeks away coming May 18th.

At this time players will have to make the decision for each character to stay on Classic Era servers or move onto TBC (or pay to be able to do both).

This will give people 2 weeks to get ready for Outland however they want to (bring on the shaman and paladin powerleveling!) so that people are as prepared as possible for Classic’s first expansion.

Blizzard Entertainment – (Source)

Beyond the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands lies a realm shattered by the machinations of the Burning Legion: Outland, the once beautiful orc homeworld of Draenor. Seek out its mysteries beginning June 1 when Burning Crusade Classic™ launches around the world.

Before that, however, every hero must make a choice. Beginning on May 18, after each regional scheduled maintenance, the Burning Crusade Classic Pre-expansion Patch will be released, and each character must choose whether to advance onward to Burning Crusade, move to a Classic Era realm, or use the Character Clone service to play in both games. Read more about this process.

Heroes who choose to cross the Dark Portal will find themselves in Hellfire Peninsula, an aptly named barren wasteland, where fel orcs and cruel demons roam free. The established outposts of Thrallmar (for the Horde) and Honor Hold (for the Alliance) are not able to deter this endless tide of darkness on their own. It is up to you to fight for this shattered world to rid it from evil. . . or watch its demonic denizens consume everything you hold dear.

Join the Global Launch

World of Warcraft®: Burning Crusade Classic will launch in the Americas, Europe, Taiwan, Korea, and Australia/New Zealand at the same time. Wherever you live and whatever path you choose to take, you can be part of one global adventure beyond the Dark Portal.

Check the details below for the exact time you can start playing and begin your journey into Outland.

Americas (PDT)

Europe (CET)

Taiwan (CST)

Korea (KST)




June 1st


June 1st


June 2nd


June 2nd


June 2nd


June 1st


A map displaying release times in several countries.

For more information on World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic, visit the official site. We look forward to seeing you in Outland, hero!

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Long time Classic WoW fan, I've had more fun building tools for the game than actually playing it.

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1 month ago

I actually have a real problem in picking THE ONE class
There are several options, and I’m not sure which class is better in my case
So I’ll probably have to read some articles from professional players to know for sure

Reply to  WillyOfWonkas
1 month ago

It all depends on what you enjoy doing in the game. Druids and Paladins are great choices since you can fill any of the three roles (Druids slightly easier since Feral includes both Cat Form ((DPS) and Bear Form ((Tank)) Of which, Paladins would likely have an easier learning curve in each role.

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