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  • Author: Pride
  • Date: November 15, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

Players were outraged when Blizzard announced that they were planning to nerf bosses in Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep, just one a week ago. Blizzard eventually caved in and announced that they’d be holding the nerfs back for at least one week, while they decide how they’re going to move forward.

Well, a week has passed and here we are — with Kaivax announcing that they have decided that… they are undecided, so the changes will not be coming this week either.

The forum thread has since exploded to almost 900 responses, which is a monumental amount as far as Classic forum threads go. Reddit was also rife with discussion on the topic, which shows that players really care about this issue.

With the dust settling, it appears that most players are solidly on the no nerfs camp, but a lot also seem to agree that the Vashj change — making mind controlled players be crowd controllable — might be good, so there is a decent chance that particular change goes through eventually.

What are your thoughts on the topic now that you’ve had a week to think about them? Are you still firmly anti-nerfs, or have you changed your mind? Would a change to Lady Vashj’s mind control be warranted or is it too soon to nerf the raid? Let us know in the comments below!

Kaivax – (Source)


We’re still discussing this and looking at options from a design perspective. We haven’t made any decisions yet, and we won’t be making any changes of this sort in the next week.

Please feel free to continue the discussion, as your feedback is highly valuable to us.

Thank you.

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10 days ago

Nerf the trash to give more dad guilds time to make attempts on TK and Vajsh. It’s crazy difficult for the core, Target demo (nostalgic dads) to even be able to consistently raid for two hours, much less three, twice a week. Even a minor nerf on trash would go a long way keeping more guilds viable into some of the later patches which are less of a step up in difficulty

10 days ago

Just nerf the trash and maybe add a grevyard at the entrance

Karlin Mayberry
Karlin Mayberry
10 days ago

Stop nerfing anything until the new years

8 days ago

please nerf, RNG kills are just trash. would like to have kills based on skill instead. please and thank you.

7 days ago

ye actually why do not nerf it? Its like 10 weeks in, guilds that cleared the whole content shouldn’t even care anymore and the rest of the guilds that didn’t (mainly because people stop playing the game or moving to better guilds that are killing it and sitting on the bench, so you keep inviting players that didn’t do this before, don’t have the minimal gear or else) are struggling to get the time or resources to progress it and still it’s left to rng (when it comes to vashj) either you kill it or not. I do understand that KT and VASHJ are easy bosses when you have 25 people that play this game really good or just good, but when you have 5-10 players that are good and the rest is just decent or below decent it’s almost impossible to clear TK and SSC in 2 nights (3-4 hours each) a week. So in my opinion, if there is a good moment to bring those nerfs, it’s now, especially when BT and Hyjal are just right behind the corner. You may aggre or not, just let the worse players play the game before they leave it.

6 days ago

Nerf it, many guilds are falling apart and people are leaving the game, how does less server population and harder to fill guilds/raids sound? Downing bosses fixes a lot of retention issues. NERF IT

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