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  • Author: Pride
  • Date: December 10, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

With tier 6 raids becoming available for testing on the PTR as of last night, there is currently a lot of phase 3 hype. Illidan and Archimonde are extremely important lore characters, and their respective raids, the Black Temple and Mount Hyjal, are iconic in TBC. Plus the new loot, like the Warglaive of Azzinoth set, are extremely cool – so the hype is very understandable.

“But what else besides the two new raids are we getting?” you might be thinking. This article will answer just that.

The first major new thing in phase 3 is epic gems, such as Bold Crimson Spinel and Runed Crimson Spinel. They drop off mobs in the new raids and can be mined in Mount Hyjal. They can be cut by jewelcrafters using recipes that drop in the raids themselves. They render our current rare gems, as well as epic gems dropping from heroic dungeons, essentially obsolete. They cannot be purchased with Badges of Justice yet – that is a phase 5 feature, unfortunately.

A major quality of life improvement we’re getting is Mark of the Illidari. These marks drop off trash and bosses in tier 6 raids (as well as tier 5 raids in the future) and can be exchanged in Shattrath for flasks, such as Shattrath Flask of Relentless Assault. They are exactly the same as flasks made by alchemists, and the marks drop at a fairly high rate, meaning a decent percentage of your guild can use them to have flasks for free every week, which will help a lot of players struggling with gold. Note that in order to purchase them, you must be exalted with the Sha’tar, Cenarion Expedition and the Aldor or Scryers.

new content coming with tbc classic phase 3 haldor the compulsive
Haldor the Compulsive is about to become a lot of people’s new best friend.

Next up, we are most likely also getting new PvP content: arena season 3 and Battlemaster trinkets, such as Battlemaster’s Determination and Battlemaster’s Audacity. Season 3 is touted by many as the best season of TBC, and the rank 1 title for this season, “Vengeful Gladiator”, is many people’s favourite. PvP players will no doubt be excited over it.

Slightly smaller but not unimportant: new Darkmoon Faire trinkets, such as the incredibly popular Darkmoon Card: Crusade and Darkmoon Card: Vengeance. These have not been confirmed yet, but they originally came with patch 2.1 (the Black Temple patch), so it is a fairly safe bet that we get them now. There is also a small chance that we will get the new PvP-focused cloaks such as Dory’s Embrace, but it may be doubtful as those originally came with patch 2.3.

Finally, the thing that probably most players are excited about: Netherwing dailies and Nether Drake mounts! With patch 2.1 (thus likely in phase 3) players can complete daily quests for the Netherwing faction in Shadowmoon Valley. Upon reaching Exalted reputation, they gain access to Nether Drakes — the most iconic mount of the Burning Crusade. Note that these are slower than the special Gladiator drakes (280% speed vs 310%) and are not armored, but they are still extremely cool.

That sums up the major new things that will likely be coming with phase 3. Which of these are you most excited about? Will you do the long grind for nether drakes? Let us know in the comments below!

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8 months ago

any news on if raids will start dropping badges in this phase or will that come later?

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