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  • Author: Pride
  • Date: January 9, 2022
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

Players testing the Black Temple raid on the 2.5.3 PTR server have discovered that the Illidan Stormrage encounter has a fairly major bug that makes the encounter slightly more challenging than intended.

When Illidan’s HP is reduced to 30%, he traps players in Stasis prisons and begins emoting, until he is interrupted by Maiev Shadowsong. Normally, the encounter proceeds as normal after that, and 40 to 60 seconds later, Illidan “soft enrages”, increasing his damage dealt by 50% and his attack speed by 30%.

Maiev periodically places traps on the ground during this phase. Players can drag Illidan into one of those traps in order to increase his damage taken by 100% for a brief duration, and more importantly, dispel his enrage effect. Traps are the intended way to deal with the enrage mechanic, so they will roughly happen at the same time, though it is possible to have your tanks survive the enrage for a little bit by using defensive cooldowns.

On the PTR however, Illidan becomes enraged immediately after the Stasis prison ends, with a long gap until the first trap is placed. As a result, a warrior main tank is basically mandatory for this phase, with their 30-minute Shield Wall cooldown being the typical way players deal with this gap.

Blizzard has not commented on this issue yet, but chances are that they will be addressing it, given how high its impact is. A lot of guilds have been struggling to defeat Illidan on the PTR and this bug has certainly been part of the reason why.

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