fresh blizzard survey fishes for character copy price point
  • Author: Taladril
  • Date: April 1, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

Players are reporting that they have just recently gotten a new survey asking about their playing habits comparing Shadowlands and Classic. There was also a section detailing current Classic players and their interest in continuing to play in Classic TBC. The most controversial question is about the Character Copy feature for allowing players to have their character who moves onto TBC to also be copied for a price to Classic Era. There was a question for how likely you would be to use this feature and for how many characters and also asked about that willingness for a set price. Different survey amounts were sent out, from $9.99 all the way to $39.99. Blizzard is clearly trying to maximize the transfer numbers vs price point for this service and this survey will help them make that determination.

character clone numbers

In that same survey, they also put in a portion about botting and cheating. They seem to be scoping out how often people are reporting for bad behavior and botting to possibly find ways to make these issues better after going through the Dark Portal. With the level boost, it’s going to be a botter heaven by being able to get a character to level 58 instantly. It seems Blizzard is listening to the community about this topic and is actively looking for feedback in the survey.

In today’s hot-fix, third-party addons have been enabled. This is massive due to the fact we can now have some of our beloved add-ons in the beta. This will also make certain things far easier (like questing with Questie and boss loot like Atlas Loot.)

They also addressed the issues with some dungeon bosses crashing the game client. Now we can run some of the dungeons without worrying about crashing.

They fixed mana regeneration issues. This will be great for all the healers and caster DPS now that they don’t have to worry about wacky mana regeneration. 

Linxy – (Source)

Hello! Today’s hotfixes to the beta realms include:

  • The use of third-party addons are now enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where engaging certain dungeon bosses could sometimes cause the game client to crash.

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Long time Classic WoW fan, I've had more fun building tools for the game than actually playing it.

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3 months ago

I just wish they let us give our own comments instead of just going from Very unlikely to Very likely

Reply to  Edouard224
3 months ago

Are you removed? How would that be measurable..

Mod Edit: Removed personal attack.

3 months ago

I am probably ignorant of the exact nature of how it’s done. But are they trying to figure out what they can charge to copy and paste?

Reply to  Macklin
3 months ago

I imagine there’s a little more to it than just copying and pasting 😛

But yes, it appears as though they are testing the waters for pricing.

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