Burning Crusade Classic Survey Questions Sent Out By Blizzard
  • Author: Furious
  • Date: March 28, 2020
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

Yesterday Blizzard sent out survey emails to WoW Classic players.

Dear [Name],

Blizzard Entertainment is constantly listening to its players to improve our games, events, merchandise, and services. Please take this quick survey which should only take about 10 minutes. We value your feedback and appreciate your time in helping us understand out players better.

You can participate in this survey on your PC or mobile device. The responses you provide will be anonymized and analyzed in aggregate with many other Blizzard gamers. Your feedback will help Blizzard improve fan experience across the globe!

Among the questions were some related to The Burning Crusades as reported by many people on reddit and Twitter. Redditor u/soramac shared screenshots of the TBC questions on imgur.

Especially important is the question related to how TBC Classic would work within the context of existing WoW Classic servers, here was their question related to that.

Thinking about the potential ways a player could start a character in “Classic” Burning Crusade, which of the following would you prefer most?

  • Continue playing my current Classic character on my existing server as it progresses to the Burning Crusade expansion, with the option to transfer to a Classic server that will never progress past 60.
  • Continue playing my current Classic character on my existing server that will never progress past 60, which the option to transfer to a Burning Crusade server.
  • Start a brand new character from Level 58 on a new Burning Crusade server.
  • Start a brand new character from Level 1 on a new Burning Crusade server.
  • None of the above

This has sparked some great conversation, for example u/il___li/ on reddit had this to say:

I am definitely in favor of copying rather than transferring, and here is why…

  1. Copying will allows players to easily revisit their achievements in classic WoW.

  2. It may allow for multi-expansion play, meaning that someone could copy their character to BC while simultaneously still playing/raiding in classic (at least that is what I would do).

  3. If all our characters are still present in classic it may also allow for Blizzard to more easily pitch the idea of classic+ once they have used up BC and WotLK. I’m sure people will return to their old characters if they learn of new classic content.

  4. Copying will also create a more “authentic” experience because when BC actually first launched everyone accept the new pallys and shammys had their 60s already.

Some reasons to specifically NOT implement transferring include…

  1. Transferring may disincentivize players from moving some of their characters over to BC servers because they would lose them in classic. I want as little disincentives as possible for coming to BC so as to allow for the largest possible player base.

  2. Little is gained by forcing people to relevel from scratch on BC servers. Most people will just try to rush through the content to get to BC content.

  3. Transferring creates a functionally unnecessary boundary to play. There is no NEED to implement transferring. It is an arbitrary element which adds extra unnecessary work to get to the new content. Most people in BC will have just played classic. There is no need to revisit that content.

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Ryan Bailey
Ryan Bailey
1 year ago

I want to take these surveys! I want to help forge a better experience, boy do I have a lot of useful ideas!

Last edited by Ryan Bailey
Timothy Gould
Timothy Gould
1 year ago

I think they should start rolling restarts for the Classic servers. Every 1 year or so, maybe rotate 3-4 of them at different stages.

For the rest of the servers, I think they should keep them rolling through the expansions. There are a lot of people that really loved TBC, WotLK, and so on. Personally I would LOVE to go through WotLK as a pally tank again, as one of my fondest memories of WoW.

Last edited by Timothy Gould
1 year ago

Well, I’d like to continue to play Classic while playing on Classic TBC realms. If not, I’ll choose Ssegold wow classic to speed up the process.

Last edited by CreatorL
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