blizzard disables mind quickening gem in tbc arena featured image
  • Author: Pride
  • Date: January 18, 2022
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

It seems that Blizzard is not done tweaking things in anticipation of the release of phase 3. Following their announcement of PvP changes just 5 days ago, Kaivax is coming in with another PvP-focused change.

Specifically, the Mind Quickening Gem mage class trinket will be disabled altogether while inside the arena. The original plan was to have its spell haste value reduced inside the arena, but it seems Blizzard have decided it needs to go.

Manyy PvP-centric players are rejoicing right now, as the “MQG” has been widely criticized for its overly-centralizing effect on the metagame. Its effect is exceedingly powerful – allowing mages to cast Polymorph faster than other classes can react due to their global cooldown being longer. It also heavily distorts “mirror” matchups where one mage has MQG while the other doesn’t, indirectly punishing those who got unlucky with drops in Classic or made their characters in TBC.

We can only hope that phase 3’s The Skull of Gul’dan is also on Blizzard’s radar. It provides a smaller spell haste boost, but it is fairly significant nonetheless, coupled with the passive haste mages will have on their new gear. Most guilds are likely to prioritize it to their warlocks for the significant PvE DPS boost it provides, so the few mages that end up getting a Skull will have a massive advantage, specially now that others cannot use MQG to counter it.

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