• Author: Judgement
  • Date: April 13, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

This guide will help you quest in Zangarmarsh in an optimal way so that you don’t miss out on any quests or have to backtrack and do the same area multiple times for different quests where you can do them all at the same time. This will save you a lot of time allowing you to complete the zone faster and level up faster.

You need to be at least level 60 to start questing in Zangarmarsh, but 61 or 62 is strongly recommended or you won’t be able to pick up all quests. A quest addon like Questie is recommended if you more exact locations on quest pickups and where to complete them

Part 1: Umbrafen lake & Surroundings

  1. Start in Cenarion Refuge, turn in quest from Hellfire if you got it and accept all new quests
  2. Talk to the Ancient of War and Ancient of Lore to get buffs for Blessings o the Ancients, then turn it in.
  3. Run to Telredor and take the elevator up, accept all quests, take flightpath and set hearthstone
  4. Go south to Umbrafen lake and kill Hydras for Too many mouths to feed, then continue south to the Naga pump west of Umbrafen Lake and get explore credit for Disturbance at Umbrafen lake
  5. Go east to Umbrafen Village do The Umbrafen Tribe, when done find the escort Escape from Umbrafen and do it to get back to Cenarion Refuge
  6. Turn in quests and accept new, use the Crow Idol to fly around and complete As the Crow Flies, turn in and accept next
  7. Go south and kill Boglash north of Umbrafen Village for The Dying Balance, then continue south to Funggor Cavern and do all the quests there (A damp dark place, saving the sporeloks & Safeguarding the Watchers)
  8. Go north and finish the Hydra quest if you haven’t, then disable the pump at Umbrafen lake for Balance must be preserved
  9. If you loot Drain Schematics (drops from pump overseers), accept the quest Drain Schematics
  10. Continue northwest to Darkcrest Enclave and do Leader of the Darkcrest (2+ group recommended)
  11. Go west to the Boha’mu Ruins and get explore credit for The Boha’mu Ruins
  12. Go to Telredor and turn in quests, accept new

Part 2: The Dead Mire

  1. Go east to The Dead Mire and kill Sporewing & Marshfang Rippers
  2. Pick up the green mushrooms for Fulgor Spores in the area around Telredor and Dead Mire.
  3. Kill Withered Giants in the Dead Mire until you loot a Withered Basidium, and accept the quest
  4. Save all Bog Lord Tendril you loot for later
  5. Get the soil sample from the center of the Mire for The Dead Mire
  6. Return to Telredor and turn in quests, accept new
  7. Go back to The Dead Mire and kill Withered Giants and Hydras until you complete An Unnatural Drought & Withered Flesh, then go south to Cenarion Refuge and turn in quests
  8. Do Umbrafen Eel Filets in Umbrafen Lake if you want, usually an annoying/tedious quest, so skip if you want
  9. Go back to Telredor and turn in quests, accept new

Part 3: The Spawning Glen

  1. Go north to Bloodscale grounds and kill Rajis Fyashe for Leader of the Bloodscale (2+ group recommended)
  2. Disable the water pump here for Balance must be preserved
  3. Continue south west to Boha’mu Ruins and kill Blacksting for Blacksting’s bane
  4. Collect idols in Boha’mu ruins for Idols of the Feralfen
  5. Continue west towards the Spawning Glen, stop at the outpost and turn in Watcher Lessa’oh
  6. Accept Observing the Sprelings and then accept Natural Enemies & The Sporeling’s Plight a little more west towards the Spawning Glen
  7. Do all three quests in the Spawning Glen and turn them in, You should be Neutral with Sporregar now, so accept Sporregar as a follow up
  8. Do question of Gluttony to the east and then turn it in, accept follow up Familiar Fungi
  9. Go to Sporregar and turn in, accept Glowcap Mushrooms
  10. Start killing Firefly birds for wings for the quest Diaphanous Wings when you see them
  11. Start collecting the orange glowcap mushrooms until you got 10

Part 4: Orebor Harborage

  1. Continue north to Orebor Harborage. Accept all new quests and take the flightpath
  2. Go south to the ogres and kill them for the two quests Familiar Fungi & Ango’rosh Encroachment
  3. Go south west to Marshlight Lake and disable the water pump at the nagas for Balance must be preserved
  4. Swim over to the small south most island and kill Terrorclaw for The Terror of Marshlight Lake
  5. Go to Sporregar and turn in Glowcap mushrooms
  6. Go south east to Watcher Lessa’oh and turn familiar Fungi, accept follow up
  7. Hearthstone back to Telredor and turn in quests, accept new
  8. Go west and kill all sporebats and fen striders you can find, when you come south of Zabra’Jin start killing Marshfan Slicers for Lines of Communication
  9. Also find and kill “Count” Ungula in this area, drops an item that starts The Count of the Marshes
  10. Go north to Serpent Lake, if you looted drain schematics go to the middle of the lake and get explore credit
  11. Kill Hydras in the Lake for Natural Armor, then go to Orebor Harborage and turn in quests, accept new
  12. Go west to Daggerfen Village and do all three quests there (Secrets of the daggerfen, Daggerfen Deviance & Chieftain Mummaki)
  13. Continue west to Ango’rosh Stronghold
  14. Kill Ogres and collect mushrooms until you complete Stealing back the mushrooms & Overlord Gorefist
  15. Go back to Orebor Harborage and turn in all quests
  16. Go south east to Serpent Lake and kill Mragesh at the small Island for Maktu’s Revenge
  17. Make sure you completed Gathering the reagents and any other quests you still have, then go down to Watcher Lessa’oh and turn in Sealing Back the Mushrooms
  18. Hearthstone to Telredor and turn in quests, accept new
  19. Fly to Orebor Harborage and turn in quest, then run down to Boha’mu Ruins and do Messenger to the Feralfen
  20. Run back to Teldredor and turn it in, then go to Cenarion Refuge and turn in all quests
  21. Accept Warning the Cenarion Circle, then run to Hellfire and turn it in, then run back to Cenarion Refuge and turn in Return to the Marsh
  22. Zangarmarsh Completed


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