• Author: Judgement
  • Date: April 26, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

This guide will help you quest in Shadowmoon Valley in an optimal way so that you don’t miss out on any quests or have to backtrack and do the same area multiple times for different quests where you can do them all at the same time. This will save you a lot of time allowing you to complete the zone faster and level up faster.

You need to be at least level 67 to start questing in Shadowmoon, but 68+ is recommended. A quest addon like Questie is recommended if you want more exact locations on quest pickups and where to complete them

Part 1: Starting off in Shadowmoon

  1. Run to Wildhammer Stronghold and turn in Visions of Destruction if you have it, accept Besieged!
  2. Do Besieged! and turn it in, accept To Legion Hold!
  3. Go into Wildhammer Stronghold and accept all quests, take Flightpath and set Hearthstone
  4. Run north to The Altar of Damnation and turn in The Hand of Gul’Dan, accept next
  5. Complete the Enraged spirits of Fire and Earth to the east
  6. Turn it in and accept the follow up, then head west and kill wildlife for Put on yer Kneepads
  7. Kill diemetradons around the lava pools for Spleendid! and collect ash for A ghost in the machine
  8. When done with those two, continue west to Legion Hold, find and kill Overseer Ripsaw and loot Illidari bane shard, accept the quest
  9. Run up to the top and do To Legion Hold by clicking on the box and waiting for the RP event to complete
  10. Run northeast to the Sketh’lon Wreckage and do The Sketh’lon Wreckage
  11. continue east to Coilskar Cistern and do Enraged Spirits of Water
  12. Hearthstone to Wildhammer Stronghold

Part 2: Getting the middle quests done

  1. Turn in quests, accept new.
  2. Do harbingers of Shadowmoon inside Wildhammer Stronghold, turn in and accept next
  3. Run west to Legion Hold and do Setting up the Bomb, you can also kill the Elites for Capture the Weapons if you see them, or do it later (2+ group recommended)
  4. Go east and turn in Find The Deserter on the road south on Sketh’lon Wreckage, accept next
  5. Go to Sketh’lon wreckage and do Asghar’s Totem
  6. Head south east to Altar of Damnation and turn in Enraged Spirits of Water, accept next
  7. Head south east towards the Netherwing Fields, on your way there stop before the bridge and get credit for exploring the Path of Conquest
  8. If you are Scryer, take Flightpath and quests at Sanctum of the Stars
  9. Kill diemetradons to the north for The Second course
  10. Find Mordenai in the Fields and accept Kindness, do it and turn in. (skip follow up for now)
  11. Kill Air Elementals in the Netherwing field and Netherwing Pass for Enraged Spirits of Air
  12. Go west to the Altar of Shadows and turn in Teron Gorefiend – Lore and Legend, accept follow ups
  13. Continue north-west to the Path of conquest, use the flare to summon quest NPC, turn in and accept next
  14. Kill mobs to complete Breaching the path (2+ group recommended), turn in and accept follow up
  15. Do Blood elf + Giant = ???, turn in and do the follow up Tabards of the Illidari (2+ group recommended)
  16. You will meet a patrol with an elite mob called Val’zareq the Conqueror, kill it and loot Journal of Val’zareq, accept The Journal of Val’zareq: Portends of War (2+ group recommended)
  17. Go to the platform and turn it in, accept event The Battle for Crimson Watch (5 player recommended)
  18. Hearthstone or run back to Wildhammer Stronghold

Part 3: The Ciphers

  1. Turn in all quests, accept new
  2. Go north and turn in Enraged Spirits of Air at the Altar of Damnation, accept next.
  3. Continue north to Oronok’s Farm and turn in ornok Torn-heart
  4. Do Ornoks follow up quests to the north until you get the three follow up quests
  5. Go west and turn in Grom’tor, Son of Ornok north of Coilskar Point
  6. Kill nagas – loot keys – open chests, loot cipher, turn in when done, accept follow up
  7. Head southwest to legion Hold and do Blast the Infernals!
  8. Go east to Illidari Point and turn in Ar’tor, son or Ornok
  9. Do the follow up quests at Illidari Point until you get the Cipher
  10. Go to Wildhammer Stronghold and turn in quests, accept new
  11. Go east to the Bridge and turn in Borak, son or Ornok
  12. Find a rotten egg at Sketh’lon Base Camp to the south west for Of thistleheads and Eggs
  13. Fly back to Shattrath and turn in Of Thistleheads and Eggs.., then Hearthstone or fly back to Wildhammer Stronghold
  14. Turn in the bundle of Bloodthistle at Borak, accept next and do it on the other side of the bridge, then turn in and accept The Shadowmoon Shuffle
  15. Kill blood elves at Illidari point until you complete Shadowmoon shuffle, then turn in and accept next
  16. Go into Illidari point with your disguise and talk to the NPC there for What Illidan wants, Illidan gets and then loot the chest for Rod of Lianthe, key drops from mobs around
  17. Equip the other disguise and do Dissension Among the Ranks… to the west (2+ group recommended)
  18. Turn quest in at Borak, then go west and turn in Rod of Lianthe at Parshah, accept next
  19. Go east to the Deathforge and turn in, accept next
  20. Go into the deathforge and do the quest chain there until you complete Bring down the Warbringer!
  21. Go back to Wildhammer Stronghold and turn in, accept new
  22. Go east to Sketh’lon base camp and do Sketh’lon Feathers, then continue east
  23. Kill Uvuros west of Warden’s Cage on a Hill for Wanted: Uvuros, scourge of Shadowmoon (3+ group)
  24. Go south east, find and kill Ruul the Darkener in the Netherwing Fields and loot cipher for Borak’s Charge , then go back and turn it in. (3+ group), accept next

Part 4: Black Temple pre-quest and finishing up Shadowmoon

  1. Go east to the Black Temple Summoning Stone, use specs and kill ghosts for Terons Cloak
  2. Find riders that run around The Hand of Gul’dan on the road, kill them for Gorefiend’s Truncheon
  3. If you are Aldor, pick up Aldor quests & Flightpath at Altar of Sha’tar
  4. Do the Tablet’s of Baari and your Aldor/Scryer quest at Ruins of Baa’ri
  5. Turn in when done and do follow up oronu the Elder, turn in and accept next
  6. Go west and Kill the Water Corruptor at Coilskar Cistern for The Ashtongue Corruptors
  7. Go up the mountain to ornok and turn i all 3 cipher fragments quests, accept follow up
  8. Go south to the Hand of Gul’dan and kill the Fire and Earth corruptors
  9. Head west and turn in Sketh’lon Feathers at Parshah, accept next
  10. Go to Altar of Damnation and do Imbue the Headpiece
  11. Do The Cipher of Damnation (5man group required)
  12. Turn in Cipher of Damnation and the Imbued headpiece, accept Thwart the Dark Conclave
  13. Head south to Sketh’lon base camp and do Thwart the Dark Conclave
  14. go to Altar of Shadows and turn in Gorefiends Cloak and Truncheon, accept Gorefiend’s Armor
  15. Go south to netherwing Ledge and go Gorefiends Armor (Flying + 5man group required)
  16. Turn in and do the follow up Teron Gorefiend, I am..
  17. Kill the Air elemental corruptor to the west of the Altar of Shadows
  18. Go turn in Corruptor quest in Aldor/Scryer base and accept The Warden’s Cage
  19. Do the main course! in the lava pool north of Warden’s Cage
  20. Turn in Warden’s Cage, do the follow ups until you get Seer Udalo
  21. Go east to Black Temple and do your Aldor/Scryer quests there
  22. Chain continues with having you go to Nagrand and back in order to get follow ups to the big group quest, not gonna cover that here.
  23. Fly/Hearthstone back to Wildhammer Stronghold and turn in quests
  24. Go west to Legion Hold and get a teleporter for gaining Access, go turn in and accept next
  25. Go back to Legion hold again, take teleporter to Invasion Point : Cataclysm
  26. Do the follow up quests here until you get News of Victory!
  27. Go back to Wildhammer Stronghold and turn in
  28. Shadowmoon Valley completed


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