• Author: Judgement
  • Date: April 26, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

This guide will help you quest in Netherstorm in an optimal way so that you don’t miss out on any quests or have to backtrack and do the same area multiple times for different quests where you can do them all at the same time. This will save you a lot of time allowing you to complete the zone faster and level up faster.

You need to be at least level 67 to start questing in Netherstorm, but 68+ is recommended. A quest addon like Questie is recommended if you want more exact locations on quest pickups and where to complete them

Part 1: Manaforge B’naar and surroundings

  1. Before you start you should accept Assist Exarch Orelis (Aldor) or Report to Spymaster Thalodien (Scryer) In Shattrath City
  2. Accept Off to Area 52 at Gyro-Plank bridge on the border to Blade’s Edge
  3. Run to Area 52 turn in and accept all quests. Also set Hearthstone and take Flightpath
  4. Kill Shalehides around Area 52 to complete Securing the Shaleskin Shale while doing other quests
  5. Go west to Ruins of Enkaat and do You’re Hired! & Mark V is Alive!
  6. Do Recharging the Batteries to the west along the edge of the zone
  7. Go south to Manaforge B’naar and do the first part of your Aldor/Scryer quest
  8. Go back to Area 52 and turn in quests and accept new
  9. Go to Arklon Ruins and do Invaluable Asser Zapping, The Archmage’s Staff & Consortium Crystal Collection
  10. Return to Area 52 and turn in quests, accept new
  11. Kill Dr. Boom north of Area 52, you should be able to avoid the bombs by standing on the barrels on the left, and thus making this quest very easy and non-annoying
  12. Kill mana wraiths north of Area 52 for Essence for the Engines
  13. Go to Ruins of Enkaat and kill some ghosts for flawless crystals for Rebuilding the Staff
  14. Go to Manaforge B’naar and do the second parts of the Aldor/Scryer quest chain
  15. Go back to Area 52 and turn in, accept new quests
  16. Go south to the heap and do A heap of Eternals & Pick your Part
  17. Kill Netherrock for Breaking down Netherock (2+ group) and earth/air for Elemental Power Extraction
  18. Return to Area 52 and turn in quests, accept new
  19. Kill Warp-Raider Nessad at the Heap, then do It’s a fel reaver, but with heart nearby (2+ group recommended)
  20. Continue west and kill the Arcane Annihilator outside Manaforge B’naar for Wanted: Annihilator Servo!
  21. Do the last parts of Aldor/Scryer quests, Shutting down Manaforge B’naar
  22. Go back to Area 52 and turn in quests

Part 2: Manaforge Coruu & The Violet Tower

  1. Fly (if Scryer) otherwise run to Manaforge Coruu, if you are running you can kill Nether Rays east of Arklon ruins for That little extra kick
  2. Do your Aldor/Scryer quests at Cooru until you shut it down, then continue east to The Violet Tower
  3. Turn in and accept all new quests
  4. Start by completing The Unending Invasion, Malevolent Remnants & A fate worse then death
  5. Turn in and accept new quests
  6. Go west to Coruu and do The Sigil of Krasus & potential Energy Source
  7. Return to Violet Tower and turn in
  8. Do the next part of the quests Krasus Compendium, The Annals of Kirrin’Var & Indispensable Tools
  9. Also kill all the named mobs in the area that drops starts a quest item, there are 4 of them called Battle-Mage Dathric, Abjurist Belmara, Cohlien Frostweaver & Conjurer Luminrath
  10. Turn in quests and accept new
  11. Do the 3rd round of quests at the tower; Master Smith Rhonsus, Building a perimeter, and turning in the 4 quests from the named mobs
  12. Go north to Sunfury Hold and do the 3 quests you have there, Unlocking the Compendium, Torching Sunfury Hold & The Sunfury garrison
  13. Go back to Violet Tower and turn in all quests, then hearthstone to Area 52

Part 3: Eco-dome midrealm & Manaforge Duro

  1. Turn in quests, accept new
  2. Run north to Eco-Dome Midrealm, turn in Help Mama Wheeler and accept all quests
  3. Do all the quests here, start with Run a Diagnostic! and turn it in, then do Deal with the Saboteurs, New Opportunities & Keeping up Appearances
  4. Do One Demon’s Trash outside the dome, then turn it in and do the follow up Declawing Doomclaw
  5. Go east and do the escort quest Sabotage the Warp-Gate at Invasion Point: Destroyer
  6. Go to Manaforge Duro and do your Aldor/Scryer quests + Rightful Repossession, Down with Daelis & Summoner Kanthin’s Prize
  7. Continue east to Cosmowrench and get Flightpath, skip Bloody Imp-ossible!
  8. Fly Back to Area 52 and turn in all quests, accept new

Part 4: Violet Tower and surroundings

  1. Run to The Violet Tower and turn in quests and accept new
  2. Go north and do Searching for Evidence and the follow up A Lingering Suspicion
  3. Turn in and then do Capturing the Phylacetery and then turn in Needs more Cowbell nearby
  4. Do the follow up escort quest When the cows come home
  5. Turn in both and accept Destroy Naberius, go north and do it (2+ group recommended)
  6. Go north west and run over the bridge, kill Apex for Finding the Keymaster
  7. Return to The Violet Tower and turn it in, accept new
  8. Hearthstone to Area 52, turn in quests, accept new
  9. Go do You, Robot north of Area 52

Part 5: The Stormspire and Manaforge Ultris

  1. Run northwest to The Stormspire and take the elevator up
  2. Turn in and accept all new quests, take Flightpath and set Hearthstone
  3. Start by doing Flora of the Eco-dome & Diagnostic Critical inside the dome, turn in and do the follow up Creatures of the Eco-Domes and then When Nature goes too far. Turn in when done
  4. Run north and Turn in Testing the Prototype at the smaller dome to the north, then do All Clear & Retrieving the Goods, turn in and accept follow up
  5. Kill Rock Giants for In search of Farahlite north of The Stormspire
  6. Continue East to Protectorate Watch post and turn in Seek out Ameer, accept all new quests
  7. Go south to the Etherum Staging Ground and do the quests there, you don’t have to complete the whole main quest chain now that starts with The Ethereum, but do up until S-A-B-O-T-A-G-E & Captain Tyralius
  8. In the staging ground, if you see the Captured Protectorate Vanguard, help him and accept Escape from the staging ground, then escort him back to safety
  9. Look for the big slime, it drops an item that starts The Horrors of Pollution, you may have to spawn it by having the small slimes merge together
  10. Go east to Access Shaft Zeon and accept The Flesh Lies…
  11. Go into the cave and do it, make sure you take left to the bottom floor and get the teleporter pack for A not-so-modest proposal, also accept Arconus the Insatiable
  12. Go to the upper levels of the cave and Kill the Arconus.
  13. Turn in The flesh Lies… and then take the ramp up to Manaforge Ultris
  14. Do Electro-shock goodness! & Recipe for destruction outside Ultris
  15. Go down on the east side and find explore credit for triangulation point one in the crossroads
  16. Go down into celestial Ridge and turn in A not-so-modest proposal, accept next
  17. Kill dragons and complete it, then go turn it in and accept next. Go slightly north and turn in and accept next. Collect dragon eggs for A promising start
  18. Go back up west to the Protectorate camp and turn in all quests, accept new
  19. Do On nethery Wings, just fly and bomb manaforge Ultris, turn in and accept next
  20. Kill Wind Trader Marid at the camp, then go back to the staging grounds and complete the quests you may have left. The last part Nexus-King Salhadaar (3+ group recommended)
  21. Go up to manaforge Ultris and do Dimensius the all-devouring (3+ group recommended)
  22. Go east to celestial ridge and turn in, accept and do Securing Celestial Ridge (2+ group recommended)
  23. Hearthstone to Stormspire, turn in, accept new

Part 6: Manaforge Ara

  1. Go south towards Manaforge Ara and turn in Aldor/Scryer quest, accept all new
    Complete all the quests at Manaforge Ara, which includes Aldor/Scyer quests, Triangulation Point Two, Neutralizing the Nethermancers
  2. At the cave/mine at Manaforge Ara, accept and do Dealing with the Foreman & Dealing with the Overmaster
  3. Turn in the quests when done, then run to Area 52 and turn in all quests, accept new
  4. Fly to Stormspire and turn in all quests, accept new

Part 7: Finishing up

  1. Go west to Forge Base: Oblivion and kill the mekgineer for gas to do Fel Reavers, no thanks! also the Elite for one half of the Stone for Socrethar’s Shadow (2+ group recommended)
  2. Go back to Stormspire and turn in, accept next
  3. Go back to Oblivion & Gehenna and do the best defense and kill the other elite for the second half of the stone (2+ group recommended)
  4. Turn in at Stormspire and get the last part Teleport This, go do it back at the camps
  5. Go northeast and Kill Cragskaar for Hitting the Motherlode (2+ group recommended)
  6. Continue east to Ruins of Farahlon and do The Minions of Culuthas, Surveing the Ruins & Full Triangle (2+ group recommended)
  7. Continue east and finish up and any uncompleted quests at Maraforge Ultris and turn in quests
  8. Hearthstone to Stormspire and turn in quests, accept new
  9. Fly to Area 52 and turn in quests, accept new
  10. Fly to Shattrah and turn in quests, accept new
  11. Netherstorm Complete


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