• Author: Judgement
  • Date: April 13, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

This guide will help you quest in Nagrand in an optimal way so that you don’t miss out on any quests or have to backtrack and do the same area multiple times for different quests where you can do them all at the same time. This will save you a lot of time allowing you to complete the zone faster and level up faster.

You need to be at least level 64 to start questing in Nagrand. A quest addon like Questie is recommended if you more exact locations on quest pickups and where to complete them

Part 1: Nesingwary’s part one & surroundings

  1. Start by running to Telaar and pick up all the quests, take the flightpath and set hearthstone
  2. Go do Do my Eyes Deceive me just east of Telaar in the small ogre camp
  3. Go back to Telaar and turn it in, do follow up Not on my watch!
  4. Back to Telaar again and turn it in, accept follow up and turn in, accept The Ruins of the Burning Blade
  5. Go east along the road to the Bird nest and accept I must Have them! Now start killing all air elementals you see when running around in Nagrand. You will also loot an item called Howling Wind from the air elementals that starts a quest, accept The Howling Wind
  6. Go North to and turn in The Nesingwary Safari, accept the three mastery kill quests
  7. There is a chance for a random event to happen at Nesingwarys where an undead mob will spawn and attack a patroling npc called Kristen DeMeza, if you help her you can accept I’m Saved! and turn it in at Nesingwary
  8. Start killing Talbuks, Clefthoofs and Windrocs when you pass them
  9. Go west to Throne of the Elements and turn in The Throne of Elements
  10. Accept all new quests at the Throne of Elements
  11. Go back east and start completing all mastery kill quests in the area east of Garadar and Telaar including Earth elementals and air elementals. Also kill Wild Elekks for 3x pair of Ivory tusks you’ll need later
  12. Turn in Windroc Mastery, Clefthoof Mastery & Talbuk Mastery when you are done
  13. Continue to Throne of Elements and turn in The Tortured Earth & The Howling Wind accept follow-ups

Part 2: Throne of the Elements & Burning Blade Ruins

  1. Go west of Throne of the elements, kill talbuks, clefthoofs, earth elementals and collect beans (dont need to complete talbuk/clefts/earth elementals now)
  2. Turn in A Rare Bean when done and then do the follow up Agitated Spirits of Skysong in Skysong Lake
  3. Turn in Agitated Spirits of skysong and accept Blessing of Incineratus
  4. Hearthstone to Telaar, then go east and turn in I must have Them, do the follow-up elite quest Bring me the Egg! (2+ group recommended)
  5. Go to Windyreed Village and do Blesssing of Incineratus
  6. Go do Burning Blade Ruins, also do HELP! and release Corki from the cage by looting the key random ogres
  7. Go back to Telaar and turn in quests and take follow-ups, then go out west and pick up The Consortium needs you! just outside Telaar

Part 3: Nesingwary’s part two & Boulderfist Ogres

  1. Kill Birds south of Southwind Cleft until you complete Windroc Mastery
  2. Go into Southwind Cleft and kill ogres for The Twin Clefts of Nagrand, also find and rescue Corkie again for Corki’s gone missing again!, he’s either in the north or south ogre cave so you may have to check both areas
  3. Kill water elementals and complete Muck Diving while running between the ogre caves
  4. Kill Enraged Crushers for Eating Damnation in the area as well, but you don’t need to complete it now
  5. Go north and complete the Talbuk and Cleft mastery west/south of Garadar, also complete Eating Damnation in this area now
  6. Kill the Murkblood patrol on the road west of Garadar and loot Invasion Plans, accept the quest
  7. Go to Throne of Elements and turn quests, accept follow-ups
  8. Go to Nesingwarys and turn in mastery quests, accept elite quests
  9. Heartstone to Telaar, Turn in quests, accept new follow ups

Part 4: Kil’Sorrow Fortress & Aeris Landing

  1. Go to Burning Blade Ruins and turn in Diplomatic Measures, accept follow-ups
  2. Go to Kil’Sorrow Fortress and do Ruthless Cunning, Armaments for Deception & Giselda the Crone
  3. Go back to Burning Blade ruins and turn in, accept follow-ups
  4. Go back to Telaar and turn in, continue west to Aeris Landing
  5. Accept all new quests which include A head full of Ivory, Stealing from Thieves, Gava’xi & Matters of Security
  6. Do the quests to the south in the Spirit Fields, also kill Elite Clefthoof Banthar (2+ group recommended)
  7. Go west and south of Oshu’gun along the edge of the zone, do Shattering the Veil
  8. Go back to Aeris Landing and turn in quests

Part 5: Sunspring Post

  1. Continue north on the road and kill Bach’Lor for Talbuk Mastery (2+ group recommended)
  2. Go to Sunspring Post and do Stopping the Spread, Ortor my old Friend…, Murkblood Corruptors, Solving the Problem and the escort quest The Totem of Kar’Dash
  3. Go into Sunspring lake and do The Spirit Polluted
  4. Go north and kill Gutripper north of Sunspring Post for Windroc Mastery (2+ group recommended)

Part 6: Ring of Blood

  1. Go to laughing skull ruins and do Zorbo the Advisor, Body of Evidence & Returning the Favour
  2. Do Ring of Blood (5 man group recommended)
  3. Go to Throne of Elements and turn in all quests, accept follow-ups
  4. Go to Nesingwarys and turn in elite mastery quests, accept The Ultimate Bloodsport
  5. Go to Burning Blade ruins and turn in quests, accept A message to Teelar
  6. Hearthstone or run to Telaar, turn in quests, accept follow-ups

Part 7: Finishing up elite quests

  1. Go west to the spirit fields and do Durn the Hungerer and The Ultimate Bloodsport (3+ group recommended)
  2. Go north-west and find Altruis, turn in He Called Himself Altruis and accept Survey the Land
  3. Do the Buying time & The Master Planner in Forge Camp: Hate & Forge Camp Fear (2+ group recommended)
  4. The follow up takes us away from Nagrand so won’t cover the rest of that chain here
  5. Go up to Warmaul Hill and do The Ravaged Caravan & Corki’s Ransom, accept follow up
  6. Do Gurok the Ursuper & Cho’war The Pillager (3+ group recommended)
  7. Go to Throne of the Elements and turn in, then to Nesingwary and turn
  8. Hearthstone to Telaar and turn in quests
  9. You have now completed Nagrand


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