• Author: Judgement
  • Date: April 26, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

This guide will help you quest in Hellfire Peninsula in an optimal way so that you don’t miss out on any quests or have to backtrack and do the same area multiple times for different quests where you can do them all at the same time. This will save you a lot of time allowing you to complete the zone faster and level up faster.

You need to be at least level 58 to start questing in Hellfire Peninsula. A quest addon like Questie is recommended if you want more exact locations on quest pickups and where to complete them

Part 1: Arriving in Outlands

  1. Before you go to Outlands, make sure to buy 1x nethergarde Bitter in Nethergarde Keep in Blasted lands
  2. Then go to the Dark Portal in Blasted Lands and accept Through the Dark Portal, then go trough the portal.
  3. When you arrive go turn it in and accept follow up.
  4. Talk to the flight master and fly to Honor Hold, turn in Force Commander Danath
  5. Accept all quests in the keep, then go to the Inn and accept quests
  6. Remember to buy food & water and set Hearthstone

Part 2: Starting off easy

  1. Go west to the tower and turn in Know your enemy, accept follow up & Waste not, want not
  2. Go north and kill orcs and collect wood/metal on the ground near the broken siege engines
  3. When done, go back and turn them in at the tower, accept follow ups
  4. Go east of Honor Hold and turn in The Legion Reborn, accept Path of anguish and continue east, start killing the demons there to complete the quest
  5. Turn it in when done and accept next, go further east to Expedition Point and turn in, accept follow up
  6. Go north east and kill demons to loot demonic rune stones, then use the Primer inside the portals to destroy them for Disrupt their reinforcements , go back and turn in
  7. Do Mission: The Murketh and Shaadraz gateway flying bomb quest, turn it in and accept next
  8. Go south to Zeth’gor and kill orcs until you loot a cursed talisman for Ill Omens, go back and turn it in, accept next & Zeth’gor Must Burn

Part 3: Zeth’Gor & Expedition Armory

  1. Go back to Zeth’gor and kill orcs for talismans and burn the towers, when you got all talismans go back and turn them in, accept next
  2. Go back to Zeth’gor again into the big building and kill Warlord Morkh for Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow, then go west to the Expedition Armory
  3. Do Unyielding Souls and An old Gift at the Expedition Armory

Part 4: Helping the Goblins at the crashed Zeppelin

  1. Go northwest to the broken zeppelin and accept Ravager Egg Round-up & In case of emergency
  2. Go south west towards Terokkar and get the eggs from the Ravagers, then go back and turn it in, accept next
  3. Accept A job for an intelligent man outside the mine shaft west of Honor Hold
  4. Kill Helboars and Marauding Crust busters in the nearby area south west of Honor Hold until both are complete. You should loot Eroded Leather Case while killing the worms, accept the quest Missing Missive
  5. Turn in Helboar, the other white meat and accept next
  6. Go back to Honor Hold and turn in all quests, accept follow ups

Part 5: Bombing Runs

  1. Go east to Expedition point and turn in Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow, accept next
  2. Talk to the flight master and fly to Shatter Point, turn in quest and accept next
  3. Do the bombing run quest Mission: Abyssal Shelf, then turn in and accept next Go to the Front
  4. Fly Back to Honor Hold and turn in quests, accept follow ups

Part 6: Forge Camps

  1. Go out east of Honor Hold and do Smooth as Butter & In case of emergency
  2. Go north to the Path of Glory and use the holy water on skeletons to complete
  3. Continue northwest and burn the horde catapults for Laying waste to the Unwanted
  4. Go northeast and turn in Go to the Front, east of Forge Camp: Mageddon, accept next
  5. Go into Mageddon and do the first quest, then turn in it and accept next.
  6. Do the second quest to destroy the cannons also in Mageddon
  7. Turn in and accept the last Part, go west until you reach Invasion Point: Annihilator and Kill the warbringer to get the key, then destroy the gate
  8. You will loot Burning Legion Missive, accept The Dark Missive
  9. Run back and turn in the quest, then hearthstone to Honor Hold
  10. turn in all quests and accept new

Part 7: Honor Hold and surroundings

  1. Do Digging for Prayer beads in Honor Hold, its in a pile of dirt behind the Inn, turn it in when done.
  2. Go into the mine under Honor Hold and do This Mine’s a-rocking, turn in and accept next
  3. Go to the bottom of the mine and kill the Mastermind, then turn it in.
  4. Go south to Expedition Armory and do Looking to the Leadership
  5. Go to the Goblins at the zeppelin and turn in Smooth as butter and In case of emergency
  6. Go west to Go’gaz Outpost and use the totem when killing the orcs to spawn spirits, kill them for Fel Spirits

Part 8: The Temple of Telhamat & Pools of Aggonar

  1. Run west to The Temple of Telhamat, turn in and accept all new quests
  2. Go east of the temple and find Sedai’s Corpse for In Search of Sedai, then go back and turn it in, accept follow up Makuru’s Vengeance
  3. Go east again up to Mag’har Post and kill orcs for Ancestral beads, then jump down to the Pools of Aggonar
  4. Do The Pools of Aggonar & The Heart of darkness and Overlord (3+ group recommeded)
  5. Hearthstone back to Honor Hold and turn Fel Spirits, Inn 2nd floor

Part 9: Finising up around Honor Hold & The Den of Haal’esh

  1. Do the follow up Exorcism of Colonel Jules , then turn in and accept next
  2. Go to the Keep and turn in all quests, accept Drill the Drillmaster
  3. Go southwest to the Warp Fields and do An Ambitious Plan & Voidwalkers gone Wild
  4. Turn in Voildwalkers gone wild, the head north to Hellfire Citadel do Drill the Drillmaster , he’s on the south side down at the bottom (2+ group recommended)
  5. Go west to the great fissure and do Deadly Predators & The Rock Flayer Matriarch (2+ group recommended)
  6. Continue southwest and find the Longbeard dwarves close to Dustquill Ravine
  7. Turn in the Longbeards and give them the Nethergarde Bitter, then accept follow ups
  8. Kill Ravagers nearby for Rampaging Ravagers, then go back and turn it in.
  9. Go into the Den of Haal’esh and do The Finest Down & The Arakkoa Threat, while doing these look for mob named Avruu while doing these, he drops item that starts a quest, accept Avruu’s Orb
  10. Go all the way south in the den until you get to the hut, click on the Altar and you will summon an elemental.
  11. Defeat it to complete the quest and turn it in
  12. Return to the Longbeards and turn in the quests

Part 10: Cenarion Post & Ruins of Sha’naar

  1. Go to Temple of Telhamat and turn in quests, accept new
  2. Go southwest the Cenarion post and turn in quests, accept all new
  3. Kill Helboards to the east for Demonic Contamination, turn it in and accept next
  4. Do Testing the Antidote and then turn it in
  5. Go south to Ruins of Sha’naar and do Cruel Taskmasters & Sha’Naar Relics
  6. Accept Naladu from one of the deaghoods in the huts there, then go turn it in at Naladu south east
  7. Accept follow up and get the key from a chest in the long tent to the west
  8. Turn it in and accept next, go release all the dreghood elders, then turn it in at Naladu, accept follow up
  9. Use the Staff to make Azreth Powerless and then kill him for Azreth’s Demise, turn in at Naladu
  10. Go northwest to Thornfang Hill and do Keep Thornfang kill clear
  11. Go to Fallen sky Ridge and kill Raging Colossus for Colossal Menace (2+ group recommended)
  12. You will loot Crimson Crystal Shard, accept Crimson Crystal Clue
  13. Go to Temple of Telhamat and turn in quests, accept new
  14. Go east to Sedai’s corpse and use the relic and wait for completion for The Seer’s Relic
  15. Continue east to the Pools of Aggonar and do Cleansing the Waters
  16. Hearthstone to Honor Hold, turn in quests, then fly to Temple of Telhamat and turn in quests
  17. Go to Cenarion post and turn in quests until you get natural Remedies
  18. Go north to Fallen Sky Ridge and use the Seed at the Circle to summon the elite you need to kill for Natural Remedies (2+ group recommended)
  19. Return to Cenarion post and turn in
  20. Hellfire Peninsula completed


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