• Author: Judgement
  • Date: April 26, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

This guide will help you quest in Blade’s Edge Mountains in an optimal way so that you don’t miss out on any quests or have to backtrack and do the same area multiple times for different quests where you can do them all at the same time. This will save you a lot of time allowing you to complete the zone faster and level up faster.

You need to be at least level 65 to start questing in Blade’s Edge. A quest addon like Questie is recommended if you want more exact locations on quest pickups and where to complete them

Part 1: Getting to Blade’s Edge

  1. Start at Orebor Harborage in Zangarmarsh, accept No time for Curiosity
  2. Make your way up the ramp towards the tunnel and accept Killing the Crawlers
  3. Make your way through the tunnel and kill crawlers, then go to north to Sylvanaar and turn in quests.
  4. Set Hearthstone, take Flightpath and accept all quests.

Part 2: Sylvanaar

  1. Go south and kill Grovestalker Lynxes, continue to Veil Lashh and collect feathers for Malaise
  2. When you got the feathers, click on the tome and turn in, accept next.
  3. Go to the spell circle and use the feathers.
  4. Continue Killing Lynxes until done, then go back to Sylvanaar and turn in, accept next
  5. Take the big bridge over to the east side and kill Thunderlord Dire Wolf until you complete Marauding Wolves, then go south and kill Rema, the Den Mother
  6. Hearthstone back to Sylvanaar, turn in quests, accept new
  7. Go south and do protecting our own, turn it in and accept follow up

Part 3: The Bloodmaul & Bladespire Ogres

  1. Take the ramp down to Bloodmaul ogre area and start doing all the quests there (The Bloodmaul Ogres, Into the Draenethyst Mine, Strange Brew, A dire situation)
  2. When done, go back to Sylvanaar and turn them all in, accept follow ups
  3. Go down the ramp again and head north to the Bladespire Hold, accept The trappings of a Vindicator just outside
  4. Complete all quests in Bladespire Hold (The bladespire ogres, getting the bladespire tanked & The Trappings of a Vindicator)
  5. After you complete The trappings of a vindicator, turn it in and do the follow up, use the beer to lure him away from elite guards
  6. Turn in Gorr’dim and accept Planting the Banner, make sure all other Bladespire quests are complete
  7. Go south to Bloodmaul Outpost and go up the north tower, Plant the Banner and complete the event (2+ group recommended)
  8. Return to Sylvanaar and turn in all quests, accept Where did those darn gnomes go? (If you didn’t do Planting the Banner you can’t pick up this quest, but it doesn’t matter, just continue without it)

Part 4: Toshley’s Station

  1. Take the bridge east and then continue south east and you will find a robot on the ground, turn in where did those darn gnomes go? and accept follow up
  2. Continue up the ramp and into Toshley’s station. Turn in quest and accept all new here.
  3. Set Hearthstone and take flightpath
  4. Go north and do Picking up some Power Converters at the ogre camp, then go back and turn it in.
  5. Pick up all the new quests, then do the two first test flight quests and fly to singing ridge
  6. At singing ridge, do What came first, the drake or the egg? & Crystal Clear
  7. Return to Toashley’s station and turn in quests, accept new
  8. Do the second test flight and you should end up east of Death’s door. Kill Ridge Stalkers, raptors and Scalewings here until you complete Ridgespine Menace, Cutting your Teeth & Ride the Lightning
  9. Return to Toshley’s station and turn in quests, accept new
  10. Go south to singing ridge and do Gauging the Resonant Frequency, then go back and turn it in
  11. Go north to Razaans’s Landing and do More than a Pound of Flesh & Trapping the light fantastic
  12. Go back to Toshley’s and turn them in, accept follow up Show them Gnomercy.
  13. Do test Flight: Ruuan Weald, you should end up at Evergrove camp.

Part 5: Ruuan Weald & Bloodmaul Camp

  1. Turn it in and accept all new quests here, also set hearthstone
  2. Start off by looking for and finding Overseer Nuaar, he patrols around the area. Complete A time for negotiation. Then go back and turn it in, accept follow up
  3. Kill Wyrmcults in the area for ..and a time for Action, and Poaching from poachers. You should also loot a Meeting Note while killing these. Accept Did you get the note?
  4. Go northeast to Veil Ruuan and do Creating the pendant
  5. Go back to Ruuan Weald and turn in all quests, accept new
  6. Go west and take the ramp down to the Bloodmaul Camp. Do Crush the Bloodmaul camp! & A date with Gordok. You will loot Gorgrom’s Favor, accept Favor of the Gronn
  7. Go back to Ruuan Weald and turn in quests, accept follow ups
  8. Go down the ramp to the Circle of Blood and turn in Pay the Baron a visit
  9. accept Into the Churning Gulch up and it to the west
  10. Turn it in, accept next. Head east to the Cursed Hollow and sleep the gronn, then take the bag.
  11. Return to the Baron and turn it in, accept next
  12. Go back to Ruuan weald and turn in, accept next. Go west and take the bridge to the tunnel.

Part 6: Raven’s Wood

  1. Turn in Wyrmskull Watcher and accept next, find Draaca Longtail in the tunnel and kill her, then continue to the other side
  2. Go to Grishnath and do Whispers of the Raven God, while doing this you should loot Orb of the Grishna, accept The Truth Unorbed. if you loot this early you can stop here, we will finish later
  3. hearthstone to Ruuan Weald and turn in quests, accept new
  4. Go back west to the tunnel and turn in Longtail is the Lynchpin, accept next
  5. Go through the tunnel again and find Treebole, turn in Treebole must know and accept follow up
  6. Go back to Grishnath and finish Whispers of the Raven God while collecting 5 orbs
  7. Kill dire ravens for 5 feathers, then use them on trees to complete Exorcising the Trees. Turn it in when done.
  8. Go to boulder’mok and do Gorgrom the Dragon-Eater & Slaughter at Boulder’mok
  9. Go south to the cave and kill wyrmcults until you have enough for a disguise, also do Whelps of the Wyrmcult
  10. Hearthstone back to Ruuan Weald and turn in all quests, accept all new

Part 7: The Bladed Gulch

  1. Go east up the ramp and do Culling the Wild, you should loot a Damaged Mask from the Fel Corruptors. Accept Damaged Mask
  2. Continue north to Skald and do Fel Embers and From the Ashes
  3. Go back to Ruuan Weald and turn them in, then accept follow up
  4. Go east to Forge Camp: Anger and turn in Felsworn gas mask, accept next and kill some mobs in the camp
  5. Turn in and accept next. Kill the elite for You’re Fired (2+ group recommended)
  6. Go back to Ruuan Weald and turn in, then go back up the east ramp and head south to Razaan’s landing.
  7. Do Show them no Gnomercy in Razaan’s landing, then go to Toshley’s station and turn it in

Part 8: Death’s Door

  1. Go west down the ramp and then north into the cave along the wall, go through the cave and when you come out on the other side use the Flare gun to summon the druid for Death’s Door
  2. Turn in and accept follow up Harvesting Fel Ammunition, kill mobs here to complete
  3. Turn it in when done and take follow up, use the cannons to destroy the Warp-gates, then turn in and get follow up The Hound-Master
  4. Kill Baelmon the Hound Master and then hearthstone back to Ruuan Weald and turn it in.

Part 9: Gruul’s Lair elite quests

  1. Go down to Circle of Blood and turn in at the Baron, accept Massacre at Gruul’s Lair
  2. Go north to Gruul’s Lair and kill elites (2+ group recommended)
  3. Go back and turn it in, accept Showdown.
  4. Go back north to Gruul’s Lair ogre area and Summon and Kill Goc for Showdown (2+ group recommeded), then go back and turn it in
  5. Now only 1 quest remains in Blade’s Edge, and it’s all the way in the cave Blackwing Coven in the northwest, do it if you want then hearthstone back to Ruuan Weald
  6. Blade’s Edge Mountains Completed


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