Ythisens laid off from Blizzard, signals loss of most vocal community manager for WoW Classic

Today marks a very unfortunate day for those interested in WoW: Classic. Former community manager, Ythisens, was laid off from Blizzard just today.

For those that don’t know who Caden House is, he interacted with the community more than anyone else in regards to WoW: Classic. He had more blue posts using the moniker of Ythisens on the forums than any other CM in the past 3 years, so this comes as a big hit to those hoping to hear more about WoW: Classic.

Caden will continue to stream on his twitch channel as he looks for another CM position. His recent lay-off comes as a bit of a shock, considering he told the community that development of WoW: Classic was coming along just a month ago. Caden “Ythisens” House will certainly be missed within the World of Warcraft community.

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